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Now many urban white-collar workers like to go to coffee shops for coffee and snacks on weekends. A good coffee shop decoration is also different. How can coffee shop decoration attract customers? Good decoration design is the most basic premise for coffee shops to attract customers. Let's briefly introduce how the decoration of the coffee shop is more attractive

key points of coffee shop decoration design

◆ principles of coffee shop image design

good store design not only beautifies the coffee shop, but also leaves a good impression on consumers, attracting customers and expanding sales. The premise of store design is to grasp the trend of the times. Use color, shape, sound and other skills to express the appearance, head and interior of the store. The more prominent your personality is, the easier it is to attract attention

1. The design of the storefront must conform to the characteristics of the cafe, and reflect the operating characteristics of the cafe in terms of appearance and style

2. It should meet the “ Taste &rdquo

3. The decoration of the store should fully consider whether it is coordinated with the original architectural style and the surrounding stores, “ Individual ” Although eye-catching, once consumers feel “ Vulgar ”, Will lose trust

4. The decoration should be simple, rather “ Insufficient ”, Cannot “ Excessive ”, Do not use too much line segmentation and color rendering, and avoid any excessive decoration, so as not to make users feel “ Too tired &rdquo

5. The color of the store should be unified and harmonious, and it is not suitable to use any harsh and strong contrast

6. The font size on the signboard should be appropriate. If it is too thick, the signboard will appear too crowded and easy to damage the overall layout. The name of the store can be highlighted through the background color. The name of the store should be concise and easy to understand, easy to remember, and do not use wild grass or foreign letters except for special needs

◆ shaping the atmosphere of coffee shops

when consumers drink coffee, they will not only respond to the physical and substantive attraction of coffee, but also to the whole environment, such as service, advertising, impression, packaging, fun and other collateral factors. One of the most important factors is the leisure environment. If the scope is narrowed, it means that the atmosphere in the coffee shop can have an impact on consumers' decisions to drink coffee

therefore, for the performance of the business space, how to skillfully use space aesthetics to design an ideal coffee drinking environment and produce an emotional effect on improving the drinking rate of customers is the significance of shaping the coffee shop atmosphere

when drinking coffee, customers often choose cafes that are full of the atmosphere that suits their needs. Therefore, when planning the atmosphere of cafes, the following key points must be considered:

1. Who should be targeted first

2. Based on their experience of drinking coffee, what are their expectations for the atmosphere of the cafe

3. Know what atmosphere can enhance customers' trust in the coffee shop and cause emotional reactions

4. For the envisaged atmosphere, it should be compared with the atmosphere of competitive stores to analyze their advantages and disadvantages

at the same time, when the atmosphere is displayed, the price of the coffee brand operated by the coffee shop must be carefully priced and fully felt by customers through the whole business space. Therefore, the skills and effects of coffee display are the key to the application of the overall atmosphere shaping strategy

◆ lighting effect of cafes

neon lights in general stores are the best representatives of lighting effect. Of course, the light of the cafe is not limited to neon lights. The purpose of the light is to guide customers to enter and taste coffee under the appropriate light. Therefore, the total brightness of the light should be lower than that of the surrounding area to show the characteristics of the cafe and make the cafe form an elegant leisure environment. In this way, customers can enter the warm Cafe through the light. If the light is too dim, the coffee shop will show a dull feeling, which is not conducive to customers tasting coffee

secondly, light is used to attract customers' attention to coffee. Therefore, the dark bar, coffee may appear ancient and mysterious attraction

coffee products are mainly brown. Dark and darker coffee will absorb more light, so if you use a softer fluorescent lamp, the atmosphere of the whole Cafe will be comfortable

in general interior decoration design, bright colors are best used for color tones, and the lighting effect is better. However, it does not mean that all dark backgrounds are bad. Sometimes, for practical needs, the contrast between light colors and backgrounds is emphasized, and in addition, casting light on coffee containers can make the coffee brand more prominent or full of three-dimensional feeling

lighting can be used purely for lighting or as decoration. Generally speaking, light colored walls, such as white and beige, can reflect a large amount of light, up to 90%; The dark background, such as dark blue, dark green and coffee, can only reflect 5-10% of the light

editor's summary: the relevant information about the decoration of coffee shops is introduced here. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can follow us and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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