The disappearance of tree species such as Huanghua

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Due to excessive logging, Huanghua pear and other tree species have disappeared in China

beech panel is one of the most used materials in today's home decoration. The natural beech panel has two colors: white beech and red beech. The white beech is light yellow, and the red beech is slightly red. The commonly used beech panels are divided into three kinds of board patterns: Pearl pattern, straight pattern and mountain pattern. Its grade is divided into three grades: first-class AAA, second-class AA, third-class a; 3A panel has smooth surface, soft color, regular periphery and no black spots; II. The grain of panel a is irregular, with a few black spots; A. the surface of panel a is rough, with transparent facial lines, wooden eyes and many black spots

the biggest difference between artificial beech panel and natural beech panel lies in its rough texture, dark red color, rigid color, commonly known as "dead color", the board pattern is too regular, and its price is about 40 yuan/piece different from that of natural beech panel. When decorating, the owner should be careful to prevent the construction team from using artificial beech panels as natural beech panels

after the beech panel that meets the requirements is selected and transported back to the construction site, the panel should be sanded with water sanding paper as soon as possible, and coated with polyurethane varnish to protect the panel. In this way, even if you occasionally get stains during construction, you can wipe them with a clean wet cloth

when purchasing panels, try to buy all the panels at one time. If there are a few panels with different lines and color differences, the owner should require the construction personnel to use the panels with the same lines and colors on the same furniture, so as to avoid differences in lines and colors on the same ornaments. If black spots are found on the panel, the owner shall require the construction personnel to skillfully cut to avoid spots and make the finish beautiful

beech panels should be protected during use after decoration, and should not be hit. The surface can be often wiped with a slightly wet towel





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