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Shanxi sanwei group complains about water in paint. Shanxi sanwei group complains about water in paint. On July 19, 2004, Shanxi sanwei group complains that a shop in dunhuafang market sells fake polyvinyl alcohol. The counterfeiter first purchased the polyvinyl alcohol produced by sanwei group and cleared the dust and sundries on the machine on time, then opened the package and mixed it with cellulose or water, which seriously infringed the intellectual property rights of sanwei group's trademark. Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene and found more than 60 bags of polyvinyl alcohol at No. 11, area D, dunhuafang market. The operator could not provide purchase tickets. The technical personnel of 3D group preliminarily identified on site that these products were unpacked and repackaged. The industrial and commercial law enforcement officers detained all the products in accordance with the law on the ground that they were suspected of infringement, and dealt with them after the manufacturer made an official appraisal. It is reported that polyvinyl alcohol is an important chemical raw material. If it is mixed with water, the quality of latex coating cannot be guaranteed, which will cause unnecessary losses to consumers. In addition, according to the manufacturer's technical personnel, it will cost at least 200million yuan to build a production line to produce polyvinyl alcohol, which cannot be produced in a small workshop. However, the product at the junction of 5.5 hydraulic system parts has good water absorption, and the price is about 14 yuan per kilogram. In order to make huge profits, the counterfeiter will mix with other industries that are the key industries encouraged by the state to develop instead of polyvinyl alcohol

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