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Santak electronics makes use of CRM to build ups sales platform. As an international manufacturer specializing in the development, production and operation of uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Santak Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Santak Electronics") has become the ups brand with the largest sales in China, Every year, more than 500000 sets of ups with a certain size (generally 10mm in diameter) will be pressed into the material surface with a certain load (generally 3000kg) and sent to all walks of life across the country. It is a flag enterprise for the development of the domestic UPS industry

on February 25 this year, BenQ Zhulu, a leading domestic supply chain management solution provider, announced that it had successfully implemented Zhulu CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for Santak electronics. The scheme is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 professional product. After three months of standard cycle implementation, it has been successfully launched and applied so far, laying a foundation for sustainable growth of Santak Electronics' multi-channel and direct sales business model

sales model reform

in 2007, the mergers and acquisitions of international manufacturers in the UPS industry market became more active, and the market channels showed diversification and differentiation. In view of this industry trend, if the sales platform can not be improved and the channel penetration and vitality can not be rapidly improved, the market initiative will undoubtedly be lost. Santak electronics has always regarded the construction of the sales platform as the foundation, focusing on the sustainable development of the channel, and hopes to establish a more complete, organic, orderly and efficient win-win system with the majority of channel partners with rich industry promotion experience and marketing ability

Shante Electronics' sales model in China is mainly franchised distribution. By the fourth quarter of 2007, Shante electronics had about 100 channel distributors and more than 300 distributors. Facing the huge channel sales network, Santak electronics hopes to open up a broader market by adjusting the channel strategy

in order to better exploit the market through channels, Santak electronics has also adjusted its organizational structure and added a value-added business department. The purpose is to be closer to customers, be able to plan products based on customer orientation, and provide solutions and products that better meet customers' needs, so as to realize value-added for customers

Diao Junhua, director of value-added business of Santak Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., explained, "at present, Santak Electronics' sales model has changed into two directions, one is mass wholesale for small industrial machines, and the other is consultant sales for industries with high technical complexity. Now, the consultant sales model is subordinate to the value-added business department."

value added business department is a sales model that strives for sales opportunities by providing customers with appropriate power solutions. The head of the value-added business department shall operate channel business in the form of subsidiary institutions, explore sales opportunities through the value-added business personnel of each branch, and sell through value-added channels. For the sales of value-added business, the branch manager is responsible to the person in charge of value-added business

in November, 2007, Shante electronics integrated the existing channel resources, launched the brand of OLAND, changed the original single brand into dual brands, and changed the single product line into multiple product lines. The differentiation of positioning has expanded the breadth and depth of Shante Electronics' corresponding market, and pushed the whole Shante brand from the middle end to the middle and high end

build a CRM platform

if the value-added business channel development process is still in the form of "manual operation + e-mail", it cannot effectively manage the complex quotation approval process. Shante Electronics' existing sales dealer reporting project often conflicts with the project reporting of key customer sales. The existing sales make the salesperson unable to fully understand the after-sales shipment information, resulting in low customer satisfaction, The performance of business personnel can not be effectively measured and evaluated, and it is difficult to achieve the mastery of the dealer's sales report and the effectiveness of coordination. Santak electronics increasingly feels that the management of internal sales mode and sales process is also a very important part. Therefore, Santak electronics hopes to cooperate with BenQ Zhulu to implement the CRM system to solve the above problems

the project reporting process is the process of Santak electronics to confirm sales opportunities. The salesperson is responsible for the data of the project reporting. They create and update the reporting data. The quantity, quality and results of the reporting are one of the salesperson's performance indicators. At present, the business personnel of Santak electronic submit the reporting requirements in Excel form, and then the business assistant judges and classifies them, and the business personnel enter them into the project reporting system after they are confirmed by the manager

through the application of BenQ Zhulu CRM solution, the business personnel can directly enter the reporting requirements into the system. The initially entered reporting is in the "initial" status. After the reporting information is reviewed by the business assistant and the relevant person in charge, the business assistant changes the reporting information from the "initial" status to the "effective" status through the "effective" button in the system, indicating that the reporting information is officially registered in Santec

during the salesperson's follow-up of the reporting project, the salesperson needs to record a series of work on the project in the CRM system, including communication, e-mail exchanges and visit appointments. The CRM system divides the follow-up into several stages and sets stage tasks for each stage

during the follow-up of the reporting information, the business assistant will carry out overdue inspection on the project. The current overdue time is three months. If the project is not closed three months after the filing, the business assistant will void the project. If the business assistant still needs to follow up the project, it is necessary to submit an extension application. At the same time, CRM system can do update prompt and overdue management

in addition, Santak electronics has different price lists for different customer categories. At present, there are open market prices, integrator price lists, key customer price lists, etc. if the standard price will be used for the reporting project, the CRM system will automatically bring out the corresponding standard price. If you need to supply at a special price, you need to approve the special price. After the order is created in SAP, you can know whether each SAP order has applied for a special price and which special price document it corresponds to

at present, the orders of Santak electronics are managed in SAP. Through the CRM system, the whole process of orders can be tracked, and the process from the control software in the CRM system to the generation of servo valve orders is associated with the actual needs of users and the results of technical competition among manufacturers. Since the salesmen and branch managers of the value-added business department also have special pricing authority, and the special prices within the authority are not within the special price list application scope of Santak electronics, the value-added business department has its own quotation process

it can be learned from this that after Shante electronics quoted BenQ Zhulu's CRM system, the distribution report and key customer report were based on evidence, avoiding unnecessary disputes; Let the sales process run in a planned way to avoid the impact on sales due to personnel mobility; Sales quotation sign off is performed quickly and accurately, reducing manual operations; It enables the sales personnel to fully master the sales on the unified customer information platform, and effectively manage the sales process according to the successful sales experience; Based on the management of sales personnel and sales process, the derived automatic KPI performance can effectively measure the advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise's sales organization and sales personnel, and make improvements on this basis

nowadays, CR2 and M system, which first removes the cylinder pressure before handling, has become a powerful weapon for Santak electronics in the market fight. (end)

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