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Shantui has successfully expanded its sales channels in South Asia. In August, when it was hot in South Asia, the b0.61 high temperature still could not stop Shantui's overseas marketing personnel from rushing to the market front to seek business opportunities. After many negotiations and communications, Shantui has recently successfully opened up another sales market in South Asia and signed the first batch of equipment procurement contracts with customers. It is understood that this contract is the largest contract value for China's construction machinery products exported to South Asia since 2010, marking a major breakthrough in the South Asian market and a very important milestone for Shantui

since 2016, the development level of market economy in South Asia has made steady progress. In particular, South Asian countries have actively participated in China's "the Belt and Road" project. The government has taken this opportunity to attach great importance to local infrastructure construction, and the market demand for construction machinery has become increasingly hot. The overseas marketing personnel of Shantui seize this opportunity, actively conduct in-depth market investigation and research, and will take this opportunity to gradually introduce the whole series of Shantui products into the South Asian market and create a healthy and stable development platform

the measured 1. LCP is a high molecular material with high strength, high modulus, creep resistance and high impact resistance. The value is inaccurate. The authenticity of this information has not been confirmed by the exhibition information of 368 enterprises and institutions at home and abroad from China Construction Machinery Corporation. It is for your reference only. Please do not reprint without permission. If it has been used under this authorization, it shall be used within the scope of authorization, and "source: China Construction Machinery Information" shall be indicated

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