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Introduction to the application advantages of UV ink in flexographic printing

UV ink is also called UV ink. It uses a certain wavelength of UV radiation, through instantaneous photochemistry, in addition to this kind of tooth loss life, there are other belt fracture life should be, so that the liquid UV ink becomes a solid ink

uv flexo printing ink is widely valued and favored at home and abroad, mainly because it has the following advantages:

1. UV flexo printing ink is safe and reliable, solvent-free, non flammable, non polluting, suitable for food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol Ink "> packaging and printing materials with high requirements for health conditions such as drugs. Flexographic UV ink has been used in the field of food packaging abroad for many years without any problems.

2. UV flexographic ink ink"> good printing suitability, high printing quality, no change in physical properties in the printing process, non-volatile solvents, stable viscosity, not easy to paste and stack plates, can be used for printing with high viscosity, strong inking force, high dot definition, good reproducibility of gradation, bright and bright ink color, It is firmly attached and suitable for fine product printing

3. UV flexo printing ink can be instantly dried, with high production efficiency and wide application range. It has good adhesion on different printing carriers such as paper, aluminum foil and plastic. The products can be stacked immediately after printing without adhesion

4. UV flexo printing ink has excellent physical and chemical properties. The process of UV curing and drying is the photochemical reaction of UV ink, that is, the process from linear structure to shape structure, so it has many excellent physical and chemical properties, such as water resistance, alcohol resistance, alcohol resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, etc., which are inferior to other types of inks

5. UV flexo printing ink consumption is saved. Because there is no solvent volatilization and the effective ingredients are high, it can be almost 100% converted into ink film. Its dosage is less than half of that of water ink or solvent ink, and it can greatly reduce the cleaning times of printing plates and embossing rollers, so the comprehensive cost is relatively low. Based on the above characteristics, UV soft will make unremitting efforts in the coming 2017. Therefore, the growth of quantity will give way to the improvement of quality. Printing ink has obvious advantages and development prospects from the perspective of environmental protection, quality, and technological development

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