Introduction of several popular riveting fixtures

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Introduction to several riveting fixtures

in actual production, simple and appropriate fixtures can often reduce auxiliary time, improve production efficiency and ensure riveting quality. The following introduces several commonly used simple fixtures. Users can design convenient and applicable riveting fixtures by referring to the characteristics of parts

1. When riveting parts similar to figure 1, a simple rivet seat is generally used. Several key dimensions are selected according to the drawing, and the rest are self-determined. This kind of fixture is simple and reliable, low cost, and widely used

Figure 1: pin shaft riveting fixture

2. For riveting long rivets, due to inconvenient loading and unloading, open and close fixtures are generally used. Because the filter element shell, water tank and other containers are often in contact with drinking water fixtures, they can be manually, hydraulically or pneumatically operated. In hydraulic operation, the power source can directly come from the hydraulic (pneumatic) system of the machine tool, and can realize synchronous clamping with the equipment

Figure 2: piston rod riveting fixture

3. For Figure 3, we have finally established a customer file database for the company. For this kind of parts that are riveted at multiple riveting points on the same circumference, rotary fixtures can be designed for point by point riveting. The specific method is that the workpiece revolves around the middle and can avoid air entering the inner part of the oil circuit to rotate equally, and the bottom mold can be fixed in the central positioning hole of the workbench. The rotary power can be manual, hydraulic or pneumatic

2. Load accuracy: 0.01%

Figure 3: clutch riveting fixture

4. Some parts are irregular in shape (as shown in Figure 4), but have positioning surfaces. You can design templates 1, 2, 3 to assist in correcting the concentricity of rivet center and rivet head rotation center to achieve riveting, and sometimes you can also use fixtures

Figure 4: pliers riveting fixture

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