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The opening of 2017 Guangzhou glass exhibition Longbo group's three major themes attracted the attention strongly

2017 China (Guangzhou) international glass exhibition, as an important exhibition in the South China glass industry, was grandly held at the Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair from August 28 to 30, 2017. The AC universal experimental motor tension machine can stretch, twist, tighten or puncture plastic splines at a controlled speed. Longbo group, as a large well-known enterprise in the industry, was invited to participate this time, and successfully attracted the attention of the market on the opening day with its main three exhibition themes

there are an endless stream of visitors in front of Longbo group's booth

the intelligent production system promotes the formal implementation of the concept of "smart factory"

in the past, the "smart factory" of glass deep processing was only promoted as a concept. However, Longbo group introduced a full set of lisek intelligent glass deep processing production system at the end of 2016, marking Longbo group's early entry into industry 4.0 and the realization of "smart factory" in advance, Let "smart factory" be truly applied rather than a concept. The core technology of the production system is to have a powerful intelligent software system. The traditional sales and processing mode can be transformed into an intelligent mode that can place intelligent orders in different places, track product information in real time and dynamically, ensure that the order delivery date is timely, the product quality is stable and controllable, the impurity content of the product is still very high, the product information is permanently traceable, and the production efficiency is growing rapidly

the production system is currently in the stage of installation and commissioning, and it is planned to start trial production in early December this year. Longbo group welcomes the industry to witness the real implementation of the concept of "smart factory"

Longbo technicians introduced Longbo group's smart factory to on-site visitors

low-e tempered insulating glass mirror imaging display highlights were eye-catching

during the exhibition, Longbo group appeared with four sets of Longbo LAN and tuhao gold coated tempered insulating glass independently developed by Longbo. In order to present the best visual effect, Longbo group specially displayed tuhao gold Low-E tempered insulating glass, non tempered tuhao gold Low-E insulating glass Longbolan sunshine controls the coated glass and the film surface of the coated glass to face the outdoor for comparison, and the tempered imaging achieves the flat effect of mirror imaging

the on-site visitors are enjoying the mirror imaging product display of Longbo group

the Low-E tempered insulating glass mirror imaging displayed by Longbo group has five highlights:

the technicians of Longbo group are explaining in detail the five aspects of mirror imaging to the leaders of Guangdong glass Association in order to achieve more accurate test results. The major highlights

the highlights are: first, it completely solves the folding deformation caused by overheated edges in tempering processing.

the highlights are The third highlight is that the waveform deformation of the whole layout is not more than 0.04mm/300mm, reaching the highest level in the industry. At present, the waveform deformation index specified in the current national standard is 0.2%. Based on this calculation, Longbo group reaches the index of 0.04 ÷ 300=0.013%

highlight 4 is that the maximum stress value of tempered products displayed by Longbo group is 96mpa and the minimum is 90Mpa, reaching the advanced level that the stress difference on the surface of the same piece of glass does not exceed 6Mpa, which is far higher than the 15MPa requirement specified by the industry standard JGT tempered glass for doors, windows and curtain walls

highlight 5 is that stress spots are basically invisible

visit the site and personally participate in the tempering waveform detection, Witness the high-quality products of Longbo group

the elders squat down to participate in the on-site inspection

promote the standardized management of renewable resources industry

the technicians of Longbo group are communicating with Southeast Asian customers on site

the salesperson of Longbo group is communicating with overseas customers on site

the efficient and energy-saving coating production line escorts the quality

Longbo group in addition to displaying longbolan and tuhaojin independently developed by Longbo group at the exhibition site In addition to the coated tempered insulating glass, dozens of coating products independently developed by Longbo are also displayed. Among them, high-quality and high-permeability Low-E glass shows the coating strength of Longbo group. All coating experts in the industry know that the technical level of coating process depends on whether the high-permeability low-E coating quality can be achieved to the extreme, which requires absolute strength support, rather than on paper. This is closely related to the technical level of the coating process, the vacuum state of the coating equipment and the control and management of the enterprise

aerial photos of four processing bases

Chen Jiang Yongyao

Dongguan longhui

Huizhou Longbo

Huizhou Zhonghui new energy

Longbo group's process technology team is composed of expert teams who have been engaged in coating technology in the industry for nearly 20 years, and has strong technology research and development capabilities. It can meet users' pursuit of high quality of coated products. Its high-efficiency and energy-saving coating equipment has a high vacuum, which is also the hardware guarantee for the high quality of Longbo group's coating products. What is more difficult is that Longbo group also has an absolute advantage in control and management. For example, in order to ensure the film adhesion of coated products, Longbo group strictly stipulates that production is prohibited before the vacuum state of coating is reached. In order not to affect the delivery date of customers, Longbo group will prepare a large amount of spare film inventory in advance for customers' urgent use. The other is that the air surface of the last piece of the original float glass in each package is easy to be polluted, resulting in the defect of film removal. The treatment of this piece of glass by Longbo group is to uniformly pick out this piece of glass without coating, regardless of whether this piece of float glass is polluted or not, and carry out inspection and supervision through incoming record tracking, assessment, accountability and other aspects to ensure that this link is implemented in place. For this, the coating industry knows but cannot do it, Because doing so will increase the workload of film coating personnel, especially those in the deep processing and introduction process. It is precisely because of the conflict of interests between the previous and subsequent processes, and even the self-protection awareness of individual managers that they cannot implement this link all the time. In response to this phenomenon, Longbo group has completed the transition from system to habit as early as many years ago, allowing employees to habitually implement this quality assurance link

it is also worth mentioning the destructive test of coating. In order to ensure that the performance of the coated glass film can be truly and effectively controlled, Longbo group has really achieved the destructive test of tempering and hot processing by directly using the whole original glass of the same batch, which is different from that some enterprises only cut a small piece of it for destructive test. Because part of the quality control concept of Longbo group cannot represent the whole. It is precisely because of this real strength that the coating products of Longbo group are finally guaranteed from the source

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