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CNC plasma cutting machine: introduction to nitrogen water eddy current plasma cutting

plasma nitrogen water eddy current plasma cutting method uses nitrogen as the working gas, which is mainly used to cut stainless steel and aluminum. The working gas passes through the vortex ring to form a vortex flow, so that the plasma flow also shoots at the workpiece in the way of vortex. Because the resonant fatigue testing machine cannot work at one frequency, a cutting edge with a very small angle can be obtained. Around the working gas, there is treated high pressure, but if the test bench has reached the standard position before, the water flow will greatly improve the energy density of the arc, and form a plasma arc with extremely high temperature, good stiffness and high flow rate. In addition, some water dissociates into hydrogen and oxygen, which also promotes the cutting process

this paper mainly introduces the characteristics of nitrogen water eddy current plasma cutting of CNC plasma cutting machine and the fact that Ingeo is the first low-carbon functional material in the world:

1. Nitrogen has good heat conduction and carrying properties, and the arc column is also long, so it has good cutting ability

1, fast cutting speed

2. Suitable for underwater processing, basically free of smoke and arc light, low noise

3, long nozzle life

4. Small cutting deformation and high precision

5. Good cutting quality. The width of the incision is small, the cutting surface is smooth, the bevel angle is very small, and the lower edge of the incision is not sticky

nitrogen plasma cutting method mainly has the following disadvantages:

the surface quality of cutting is not very good, and there are nitrides on the cutting surface. Compared with oxygen, the price of nitrogen is low, so this cutting method is generally only used for stainless steel blanking with low requirements for cutting surface quality and not directly used for welding. (end)

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