Introduction of the fastest CD102 glazing printing

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Brief introduction of sunbar CD102 glazing printer

new concept of glazing. Sunbar CD102 glazing printer redefines the glazing method of printed matter. Sunbar CD 102 glazing printer uses the mature Heidelberg sunbar CD technology, which is widely used and can process novel prints with rich styles

performance introduction:

two to four glazing and/or drying units can be combined at will, which can not only give high gloss to printed matter with water-based glazing oil or UV glazing oil, but also produce gold or silver metal glazing effect. The modular design of the drying star system enables the function of the user 1 transmission mechanism: the ball screw can easily and quickly arrange the drying device properly on the ultra long paper receiving system to meet specific needs. Even at the speed of up to 15200 prints/hour, the device can easily handle cardboard and ultra-thin paper. The equipment is reliably and centrally controlled by CP2000 center

main parameters:

speedpa CD 102


CD 102 ly

cd 102 Lyl

CD 102 Lyl

speedpa CD 102 standard configuration plus glazing unit (L), drying unit (y) and extended paper receiving mechanism

other configurations can be customized according to your specific requirements


(related to live parts, inks, substrate types and other factors)

therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot topic in the future, with a maximum of 15200 s.p.h


thickness 0 0 mm (0..039 in)

maximum paper size 720 x 1020 mm (28.35 x 40.16 in)

minimum paper size 280 x 420 mm (11.02 x 16.54 in)

maximum printing area 700 x 1020 mm (27.56 x 40.16 in)

mouth blank mm (0.39 - 0.47 in)

glazing cylinder shrinkage:

diameter 3.2 mm (0.13 in)

glazing length x width 80 x 1030, partner means mm (30.71 x 40.55 in)

the length x width of the metallized varnished blanket is 800 x 1048 mm (31.50 x 41.26 in)

the distance between the jaws of the varnished plate is 43 mm (1.69 in) from the position where it can be varnished.

the maximum varnished area is 710 x 1020 mm (27.95 x 40.16 in)

the height of the paper stack:

including the paper stack bracket and support plate, flying up to 1230 mm (48.43 in)

the paper receiving table is 1205 mm (47.44 in)

lifting glazing printer + 500 mm (19.69 in)

configuration example:

volume of CD 102 Lyl with ultra long paper receiving mechanism

length 10.73 m (422.44 in)

width 3.31 m (130.31 in)

height 2.17 m (85.43 in)

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