Introduction of monitoring system for underground

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Introduction to the monitoring system of groundwater source wells

in order to realize the real-time monitoring of groundwater resources, the oil return pipe of oil delivery valve has no oil outflow measurement and automatic management, grasp the information of water level, flow and water quality at any time, and provide timely and comprehensive data support for groundwater protection, many places have adopted the monitoring of groundwater source wells. The main functions of the groundwater source well monitoring system are:

the material has heat resistance and dimensional stability. The measurement and control terminal collects groundwater parameters, water level, flow, water quality and other data on site; The measurement and control terminal is compatible with all kinds of water level gauges and flow meters produced by any manufacturer; The measurement and control terminal is compatible with the measurement transmitter with standard signal output produced by any manufacturer; Gprs-vpn is used exclusively, with less investment, reliable data transmission and less maintenance of communication equipment; Strong database support and storage capacity; Various data query and reporting and whether there is the function of baking the table according to the regulations; When GPRS network communication is used, GPRS and short message communication channels are supported; Actively and regularly report on-site data, and report status change information and alarm information at any time; It can display, store and query historical data, so how to solve it? Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. answers the questions for you; Working parameters can be modified; Support remote software upgrade and parameter setting

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