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The application of Weisheng embedded system amos5000 in the fleet management platform

bus is the most important public transportation tool in the city. Compared with other methods, which make 3dprt can be used to print high-precision and complex 3D structure subway, train, etc., at present, the information provided by the bus system is not much slower, and there is almost no other relevant information except the route map. How to optimize the use of resources and improve the fleet management system can not only be applied to general enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce costs, but also extend multiple applications in the public transport system to create an information-based city

operators who import fleet management have a higher grasp of the comprehensiveness and transparency of information. Not only can the vehicle scheduling approach optimization in the arrangement of distribution routes and serve the most customers in the shortest time, but in terms of cost, if more distribution points are completed in the same or shorter time, the average fuel and vehicle maintenance costs paid by each distribution point will be reduced correspondingly, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing costs. Finally, from the perspective of improving the image of operators, when the driving behavior of drivers is supervised at any time, Violations will be relatively reduced, and the control of delivery time and quality will be improved, which will have positive benefits for the image of operators at both ends of the customer and society. It equipment for fleet management will enable operators to improve management efficiency, reduce costs and improve service image

a well-known domestic vehicle electronic system enterprise uses the via embedded system amos5000 as the fleet management platform. Weisheng embedded system amos5000 supports embedded operating system quasi platform, with impact resistance of up to 50g, providing the best stability, and providing a variety of installation options: wall mounted/desktop/vesa

The universal tensile testing machine required for auto parts mainly includes: rubber products on cars

about Vespa amos5000: it is used together with Vespa eitx-3000 motherboard (the world's first listed EM itx motherboard), which can be applied to various embedded technology fields, including monitoring, medical treatment, health care, industrial and building automation, digital signs, self-service query terminals, poi/pos machines, games and other application fields

via amos-5000 modular chassis kit can give full play to the various functional characteristics of the embedded motherboard designed according to the EM itx board type specification developed by via, so it can easily provide a variety of fan free IPC design solutions with flexible functions, solid structure and easy assembly for various embedded applications

via amos-5000 chassis kit integrates many unique functions brought by EM itx to the field of embedded technology, including a large number of i/o interfaces that can be configured on both sides of the circuit board through a unique dual coastline i/o design, and an EMI bus that can be compatible with traditional conventional and the latest bus technology at the same time. It can be used in combination with a variety of EM itx expansion modules in various specific i/o application configurations

the system built with via amos-5000 chassis kit does not use any fans, and has a wide temperature adaptability from -20 ℃ to 55 ℃. Via amos-5000 chassis can withstand the test of gravity acceleration up to 50g, which is easy to assemble and maintain, and only five components can form a high durability fanless system with rich i/o options

about Vespa amos-5000:

key features:

1) the working temperature range without fan is between -20 ℃ and 55 ℃

2) only five parts are needed to complete the installation and maintenance easily and quickly, and achieve a breakthrough in key areas

3) it can withstand an impact acceleration of up to 50 g. combined with the vibration resistant design, Ensure long-term reliability

4) modular design and compact size: 232mm (width) x 53mm (height) x 126mm (thickness)

5) easy to use interchangeable and customizable front/rear panels

6) the chassis is preset with holes for common i/o interfaces, which is easy to access from the outside

7) maximize space utilization, Amos-5000 is currently used in conjunction with via eitx-3000 motherboard (the world's first listed EM itx motherboard), which can be applied to various embedded technology fields, including medical treatment, health care, industrial and building automation, digital signage, self-service query terminals, poi/pos machines, games, monitoring and other application fields

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