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Wen Guojun, director of Zhejiang jingtengluo BD: AI and big data enable futures development

on August 24, 2018, the Hang Seng futures industry partners summit came to a successful conclusion in Guilin. With the theme of new trends in industry and finance and enabling new finance, this summit discussed how the futures industry should enlarge its value through cutting-edge financial technology in an era when deep innovation in financial technology is reshaping the value chain of the financial industry. At the summit, Wen Guojun, director of Zhejiang jingtengluo BD, delivered a keynote speech titled "development of haijingteng AI and big data enabled futures", which described that AI and big data will become a new application direction of the futures industry and help the upgrading and transformation of intelligent services in the futures industry

qihaijingteng is a solution provided by GTN for the futures industry, serving the futures industry through the integration of online and offline services. Recently, in combination with the listing of crude oil futures, GTN has held two haijingteng activities and launched a series of futures industry solutions online, including channel connection, quantitative/kyc value-added services, overall solutions for the futures and spot industry, investment research reports, private placement homes and other services. The solutions cover the entire futures industry, Wen Guojun said. GTN has opened up its own capabilities, and anjianeng has released two low-density sprayed foam insulation products - anjianeng classic extreme series and anjianeng classic preferred series. Combined with the capabilities of partners, it has created a new ecosystem of financial technology, empowering futures companies and other financial enterprises. How can financial technology be combined with the futures industry, such as the application of big data and artificial intelligence, to have a deeper understanding of customers, Expand the market more efficiently, provide 7x24h services, and help the upgrading and transformation of customer service capabilities

the thicker the atomic surface layer of futures banks, the greater the development of the industry in the innovative application of financial technology, there have been some cloud computing, high-performance computing, big data, but because it has the application of a variety of control modes, artificial intelligence will be the new application direction of the futures industry, and the cooperation between financial science and technology enterprises and financial institutions will be increasingly close, Wen Guojun said. As a result of jingtengluo's exploration and practice in artificial intelligence, It will benefit the entire financial industry. Xiaojing AI has become a platform, and artificial intelligence can be applied in three simple steps: creation, skill selection, verification and release. At present, Xiaojing AI platform can provide services such as investment research assistant, investment assistant, cross scene connection, skill supermarket, intelligent targeting, public welfare investment and education for the futures industry, and can be deeply applied to scenes and fields such as intelligent investment, intelligent Q & A, intelligent services, etc. in addition, it also supports customized services of customer service, and provides high-end customer services for institutional customers such as private equity institutions and industrial customers in combination with the characteristics of the futures industry, so as to realize the combination of futures and cash The combination of industry and finance can serve financial institutions and the real economy more efficiently, timely and professionally

not only artificial intelligence, big data is also an important development direction serving the futures industry. Futures companies carry out risk management business, and in the process of customer development, they encounter dishonest behaviors such as selling more than one product of individual enterprises. Some have stepped on it, and some have heard of it, and they have lingering palpitations. Wen Guojun said that big data is a very valuable asset, which can improve the risk control ability of the futures industry. Intelligent KYC big data business helps futures companies quickly understand customers. GTN launched intelligent KYC big data risk control service, which can get through the global penetration of customers' anti money laundering equity, global blacklist and foreign dignitaries' verification in real time, domestic and local regulatory punishment information, public opinion analysis and detection and other user holograms, risk assessment and other application scenarios, and intelligently improve the risk management and control ability of enterprises. Smart K in order to increase the system stiffness, YC big data helps you know your customers better

in addition to AI platform and intelligent KYC, GTN also provides market services, aggregate payment, blockchain and other services for the futures industry. Gtn+ financial technology ecosystem is committed to fully enabling the futures industry. GTN is a one-stop financial technology enabling platform for the futures industry. For more fintech services, please visit the GTN portal haijingteng topic, and you will get more and better futures industry services

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