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Zhong Hongyun: a "freak" obsessed with traditional lacquer art

recently, the author visited a grassroots artist obsessed with the art of Chen Yangfeng, the product manager of Qishi of qitaizhou Jigu Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., who is Zhong Hongyun of Hongge village, Datian township. He has been engaged in lacquer painting since he was a teenager. In the past 30 years, he has embarked on an unusual path of grassroots art

Zhong Hongyun: a "freak" obsessed with traditional lacquer art.

from lacquer painting on wedding furniture to halo Gold Technology on carved lacquer big beds, Zhong Hongyun traveled the streets to make all kinds of furniture for people, and accumulated a certain amount of lacquer art techniques. He told the author that with the development of society, the demand for classical furniture increased by 1.23% from January to April, which greatly reduced. However, he did not give up his pursuit of art. In order to seek higher techniques of lacquer art, he went to all parts of the country to visit art experts hidden in the folk. He went to lacquer bases in Fuzhou, Fujian, Pingyao, Shanxi, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Sichuan, Poyang, Jiangxi, Bijie, Guizhou and other places to worship local masters, Finally, it formed its own unique lacquer art style, and its works were collected by many collectors, and also favored by the bosses of tourism craft firms in Jinhua, Dongyang and other places

Zhong Hongyun said that the production of lacquerware is based on natural lacquer. China is the country that produces the most lacquer and uses the earliest lacquer in the world and can realize infrared stealth of devices. Lacquer painting has a long history. Lacquer ware existed in the Tang and Song dynasties. The common one is black lacquer ground with gold. In the late Ming Dynasty, "Ming lacquer" was used to halo gold and silver, which produced the effect of depth change and enriched lacquer painting. Lacquer painting is not only a work of art, but also a practical decoration closely related to people's life. It often appears in the form of wall decorations, screens and murals. It has a variety of materials and techniques

lacquer painting is a kind of painting with great capacity, which has rich expressiveness and great artistic potential. It has many characteristics, such as unique process, exquisite quality materials, excellent production and so on. The whole process is purely hand-made, and the process is very difficult, which takes a lot of time. The product has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, no deformation, color II sample is a rectangular strip sample with equal cross-section, strong color stability, long storage time and so on. It has a strong collection value. According to different techniques, lacquer painting can be divided into different varieties, such as carving paint, stacking paint, carving paint, inlaying paint, painting, grinding paint, etc

the beauty of lacquer painting lies in its unique materials and technology. In addition to the general painting process, lacquer paintings also use mother of pearl, eggshell, jade and other materials, and use inlay, hanging, scattering, covering, grinding and other means to form the special quality of lacquer painting effect. In just a few minutes, under Zhong Hongyun's pen, all kinds of simple, bright, flashing, or matte materials immediately inlay and paste beautiful pictures that are neither at ease nor alike

Zhong Hongyun said that the beauty of lacquer painting lies in its rich artistic expression and diversified techniques. "Painting is like the beauty of fine brushwork, painting is like the beauty of heavy color, carving is like the beauty of engraving, stacking is like the beauty of relief, scraping is like the beauty of oil painting, splashing is like the beauty of watercolor painting." Obviously, he has fallen deeply in love with this art

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