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Battle of operating system: Apple's ten advantages over Microsoft

Beijing time, June 9, according to foreign media reports, in the past, present and foreseeable future, Microsoft is the main force dominating the desktop computer operating system market. Its Windows operating system is adopted by millions of enterprises and countless consumers around the world. Whenever a new windows comes out, Microsoft always spares no effort to retain and attract more users. However, at the Worldwide Developers Conference held in San Francisco on June 6, Apple launched a fierce offensive against Microsoft

for decades, apple and Microsoft have been fighting hard in the field of desktop computer operating system, and they both try to surpass each other. Up to now, in this fierce battle, mobile operating systems and cloud services have also become their respective competitive edge. Apple has opened up several new fronts in the competition with Microsoft, which can modify its formula to improve the consistency of test data. If things go according to Apple's vision, it may greatly frustrate and immediately record Microsoft's operating system. In decades of fierce exchanges, Microsoft has dominated most of the time, but now apple is gradually showing its advantages and nibbling at the market share of windows

1. Sales of the "Lion" system only by digital means

at the global developer conference, Apple launched the most aggressive offensive against Microsoft by announcing the launch of the Mac OS X "Lion" flagship operating system. The operating system will be available for download to consumers through Apple's MAC app store, rather than being made into CDs for sale in retail stores. More importantly, its price is only $29.99. Microsoft had to respond to Apple's change in the way it sold its operating system

2. Lion's multi touch gesture function

when it first announced the Mac OS X lion operating system last year, apple claimed that it had brought some functions similar to the mobile operating system IOS to this operating system. At the global developer conference held on June 6, apple vividly demonstrated several multi touch gesture functions, including the "pinch to zoom" function, the "swiping" function, and the functions of MAC compatible applications. Because Microsoft is just preparing to make windows 8 have some functions like tablet computers, Apple has taken the lead in this regard

3. Mac app store

in the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft is likely to provide an application store so that users can download applications directly from the operating system without having to buy software in retail stores and then install it. But the problem with Microsoft is that it's too late. Apple's MAC app store has been available on the "Snow Leopard" operating system, and will then be integrated into the Mac OS X "Lion" operating system. At the global Developers Conference, Apple announced that in addition to its existing functions, it also plans to introduce in app purchasing and push notification functions

4. Let windows become part of Apple's cloud service strategy

at the global developer conference held on June 6, Apple also unveiled the long-awaited icloud cloud service. Moreover, Apple claims that Microsoft Windows will be part of their strategy to win the cloud services competition. Whether users are running IOS devices, macs or windows PCs, they will be able to use icloud cloud services to share content from other devices. However, as a competitor, Microsoft has no competitive edge to compete with. Making Microsoft Windows a part of Apple's icloud cloud service strategy may eventually frustrate Microsoft's operating system, especially when Apple encourages more people to switch to Mac, or transfer the data ready to be put on Microsoft's windows cloud service to icloud

5. Post PC era

although Microsoft or windows were not mentioned, apple publicly said that it believed that the technology industry had gone out of the era of relying on PC. At the global Developers Conference held on June 6, apple made it particularly clear that it would no longer require users to connect their iPhones or iPads to computers to complete updates. In contrast, all updates will be done through over the air downloads, because Apple believes that some users prefer to use tablets and smartphones rather than laptops or computers in front of Hexcel's booth at the Air India show. All this is obviously what Microsoft does not want to hear or see

6. Introduce mobile functions into desktop computers

in the design of Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has brought some mobile functions to desktop computers. In fact, the interface of this operating system will have many "tile" widgets, that is, the interface in Windows Phone 7 that users are very familiar with. However, Apple has also introduced mobile capabilities into desktop computers. As mentioned earlier, the main features of the lion operating system are multi touch gestures, MAC app store and some new services, such as task control, which have some similar designs and functions. Both Microsoft and apple plan to introduce mobile capabilities into desktop computers, but apple is one step ahead in this regard

7. Making IOS devices more attractive

Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 has a bad start and is struggling. Microsoft hopes to improve this situation through its cooperation with Nokia and over time. However, in view of the utilization of carbon fiber composites developed for iPhone and iPad in construction engineering and ocean engineering, IOS 5 system has more than 200 improvements compared with the previous version. It is not easy for Microsoft to make a splash. Apple's upcoming new version of IOS adds a more perfect notification system and over the air download update function, which solves many chronic problems in IOS system. Coupled with its new IMessage instant messaging service platform, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 looks even more outdated

8. "It's easy to use"

when Apple CEO Steve Jobs talked about icloud cloud services, he casually said the mantra "it's easy to use". In essence, this platform obtains data from several devices and then pushes them to other users. In the operating system war between apple and Microsoft, the importance of this platform cannot be underestimated. Now, apple icloud has launched some unique and easy-to-use features. Moreover, it does not support devices equipped with Windows Phone 7 and Android. If users love icloud and find its value, they will not hesitate to choose iPhone or iPad instead of Windows Phone devices

9. New resume function resume

at the global developer conference on June 6, apple talked about a new function that will be included in the Mac OS X lion operating system, namely resume function. This new feature allows users to automatically return to the state when they last exited the application after the application is closed or the computer is restarted. This feature doesn't seem to be an important update, but it's very practical. For years, users have been hoping to have functions like this, and apple has finally met their needs. In addition, in addition to the resume function, Apple's Mac OS X lion operating system also has many other new functions. These functions will leave a deep impression on Windows users, which is another reason why Microsoft should be afraid

10. Developers were greatly moved

since the MAC app store was launched on Apple's "Snow Leopard" operating system in January, it has attracted many users. At the global Developers Conference, apple claimed that the MAC app store has become the world's top channel for purchasing apps, and its sales volume has exceeded that of best buy, Wal Mart, Office Depot and other retailers. This makes developing applications for Mac and IOS operating systems more attractive than ever, and makes developing applications for Microsoft Windows less attractive than before. In the confrontation with Microsoft, this advantage of Apple may become a more powerful important weapon than people think. Tencent Technology

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