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Zhongce invested 1billion: Thailand built the first overseas production base of China's tire industry

Hangzhou basic nature Zhongce Rubber built the country's largest tire production base in Jintan, Jiangsu Province. In June, the dust was settled. The idea of going abroad and changing from "domestic production, foreign sales" to "production and sales of foreign united front" has been brewing in the hearts of Zhongce people. Two months later, good news finally came, "spend another 1billion yuan to build an 840 mu production base in Thailand." this is the first case in China's tire industry, and it is also a trial of Zhongce Rubber on the path of innovation and development

chairman shenjinrong believes that innovation is the source of enterprise development. Only by integrating innovation into the products of the enterprise can we calmly cope with the competitive pressure at home and abroad. As early as the beginning of the establishment of Zhongce Rubber Factory, this concept has been included in the factory of "innovation and refinement, steady development". The function of the factory is the same as that of Falex dry sand/rubber wheel friction tester, which can meet the ASTM G65 training. As the largest tire manufacturer in China, Zhongce Rubber not only adheres to the concept of innovation in science and technology, but also realizes continuous innovation in management and strategic layout. This time, aiming at Thailand, a production base with rubber production accounting for 70% of the world, reflects its unique vision and innovative spirit integrated into the bone marrow of the enterprise

quality refinement lays the foundation for going abroad

in the hot summer, in the plant of Zhongce Rubber Qiutao Road, the machine was fully powered, and the workers worked hard to work overtime for the order in hand

affected by the European debt crisis, the automobile consumption capacity of major economies in the world has decreased significantly. Many tire manufacturers either choose to reduce the operating rate or reduce inventory. However, this situation does not exist at all in Zhongce, whose all steel radial tires and bicycle tires are still in short supply

the reason why Zhongce Rubber has not been affected by the market downturn is mainly due to the quality assurance. As the leader of the domestic tire production industry, Zhongce has a high-quality scientific research team. Zhongce Rubber has always adhered to independent innovation, spent a lot of money on scientific research and kept improving. It has relevant research in the fields of materials, structure, noise reduction, rolling resistance, anti wet skid and so on. Shen Jinrong said, "we only use it in the research of materials, and every time we drop tens of thousands of dollars. We will choose the best materials for manufacturing tires, and combine independent innovation with international introduction. As long as the best materials appear in the market, we will introduce them. Without us, we will innovate and develop independently."

in this month, Zhongce Rubber invested 433 million yuan in scientific research, 731 million yuan in technological transformation, and developed more than 160 new products. Every two days, a new product is trial produced and put into production. The annual scientific research investment of up to 700million yuan and the cooperation with international top scientific research institutions have made the product quality of Zhongce Rubber always stand in the ranks of the world's advanced level, which has also laid a solid foundation for Zhongce to further go international

Shen Jinrong also put forward five "most" principles to ensure that products have first-class quality: the latest technology, the best equipment, the best materials, the most energy-saving, and the most suitable products for the market. "At a certain stage of development, we must pursue innovation. Only innovation can ensure the production of high-quality products and occupy an advantage in market competition."

100 innovations, one success is success

a change of control switch, adding a lighting bulb and setting a customized signboard, these simple actions are a huge wealth for Zhongce Rubber. A small action can add tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of profits for the company

innovation, in Zhongce Rubber, it is not only the patent of high-end researchers, but the innovation of ordinary operators is the most common. An Guixiang, an employee of Zhongce Rubber, changed the foot switch to button control, which increased the economic benefits of 90000 yuan per year for the company. Obviously, innovation requires front-line employees who love their work, and such innovation is often immediate

Shen Jinrong said that in front-line work, even if the right-hand operation becomes the left-hand operation, as long as it is effective and worthy of promotion, this is Chuang may also be based on the relevant evaluation report. At the end of each year, Zhongce Rubber also selects the "small reform proposal award". Shen Jinrong said that the most important thing is not to have any great innovation achievements. The most important thing is that everyone should have ideas and think actively. One success in 100 innovations is success, and one success in 10 innovations is great success. Zhongce Rubber actively encourages all employees of the company to innovate and create an environment for innovation and development. Only in this way can the enterprise be full of vitality and continuous development

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