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Zhongguancun IC Industry Forum experts gathered to seek development for semiconductor localization

integrated circuits are the foundation of the information industry, and have always accounted for more than 80% of the global sales of semiconductor products, known as "industrial food". Involving computer, household appliances, digital electronics, automation, electrical, communications, transportation, medical, aerospace and other fields, it is used in almost all electronic devices. For the development direction of the future society, including 5g, artificial intelligence, IOT, autopilot, etc., integrated circuits are essential foundation. Only with the support of integrated circuits, these applications can be realized. Therefore, the integrated circuit industry is a fundamental, critical and strategic industry in the national economy. The strength of the integrated circuit industry is an important symbol of whether the country's comprehensive strength is strong or not

phase change materials can regulate the ambient temperature

the sales of integrated circuits account for more than 80% of the sales of semiconductors

Where should China's semiconductor industry go? At the second Zhongguancun IC Industry Forum "core moving Beijing" held on November 16, many industry experts and industry elites came to IC park to discuss the development trend of integrated circuit industry, talent training and technological innovation, industry trend and investment, and seek common development around the theme of "rejuvenating talents, core future"

the current situation of IC development in China can be described as ups and downs; In this regard, ye Tianchun, director of the Institute of microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, summed up: "China's integrated circuit industry is not so bad, not nothing; second, it is not so easy to do it, not two or three years. Third, if we continue to do it, we will be able to do it in another ten or twenty years." He stressed that the innovation subject of enterprises has not been established, and our innovation research results cannot be effectively applied, which is a big problem for the whole industry

building a foundation is the key

from the perspective of a factor of production, the semiconductor industry is like a tree, with manufacturing capacity as its trunk and materials as its foundation. What we are doing now is to lay a solid foundation. Only in this way can we touch the fruitful fruits (products). How can we reduce the import volume of China's 260billion US dollars of integrated circuit products? It depends on products. Then when formulating their own development strategy, they can't act mechanically to solve problems. Relevant enterprises need to prepare for a rainy day

nowadays, the main problem we face is the simplification of product model: only 20% of the global semiconductor products are produced by enterprises. Facing this dilemma, we urgently need to vigorously develop the new material industry, which requires us to develop new business models based on products and users; Secondly, we should strive to strengthen the manufacturing industry, research and develop more products, strengthen differentiated competition, and achieve the coordinated development of upstream and downstream to improve the overall layout of the industry

talent development is an important cornerstone of IC progress - Wu Huaqiang, Institute of microelectronics, Tsinghua University

integrated circuits are a leading industry and the food of national industry, but our talent gap is huge. According to Wu Huaqiang, by 2020, the demand for integrated circuits will reach 720000 people, but in 2017, there will be only 400000 people, with a gap of more than 300000 people. At present, there are only about 20000 graduates from various disciplines related to integrated circuits in China every year, which is extremely mismatched with the market demand. The lack of high-end talents in integrated circuit design, manufacturing, equipment and materials has led to widespread malicious competition for talents among domestic enterprises

if fresh blood cannot be supplemented, the whole body will fail. It can be said that the number of integrated circuit talents determines the scale of the integrated circuit industry, the quality of talents determines the quality of industrial development, the height of integrated circuit talents determines the position of the integrated circuit industry in the world, and strong integrated circuit talents make the integrated circuit industry strong. The western developed countries in the United States cultivate high-quality talents to create a strong integrated circuit industry. Today, the current technological development will move towards the post Moorish era. The technological route is not as clear as before, and many disruptive developments are surging. We must seize new opportunities and achieve breakthroughs in major original achievements in technology. Gathering is a fire and scattering is a sky full of stars. Only by cultivating more young talents can we achieve more innovation

opportunities for the development of China's IC industry in the new form -- Zhou Chen, vice president of Ziguang zhanrui market

Zhou Chen, vice president, pointed out what are the positive battlefields we face? In this field of stock explosion, connection has a great impact on us. With the increase of connection base, new technologies - 5g, AI, CPU and SOC - have been born. These important fields we have to face

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Zhou Chen compares SOC and communication fields to engines in IC fields and sensors and storage to grain. It is not difficult to find that although SOC is constantly improving its integration, we find that with the development of technology, we have to put more things outside, which is the pulling effect of SOC. Therefore, these two poles determine the process of IC industry. In addition, the four major consumer products are the cornerstone of the electronic industry. It is not only a single chip if equipment fault diagnosis technology is scientifically used, but also the basis of the development of the entire industrial chain, which we cannot ignore

Zhou Chen concluded that although the semiconductor industry is a big mountain for us, there are still mountains behind it. If we look for a shortcut in the face of Shandu, we may not be able to find it, unless we face it squarely. As long as we have enough confidence in the front battlefield, have enough motivation to do this, and make a breakthrough with determination, we will win the real victory

then, Michael Posner, the IP Product Marketing Director of synth technology, and mark Granger, the global vice president of lattice electronics, boldly imagined the differentiated development trend of semiconductors

Michael said that AI will make great progress in the next 10 years. Now AI is further applied to data and has entered the mobile device end. In the future, it may further accelerate the whole algorithm; In addition, self driving will be another big cake. The field of visualization shows us that self driving is not so illusory. The arrival of 5g will further use AI to build its framework, so emerging technology trends will further drive industrial development, and autonomous vehicle will one day be realized on the road

in the development of integrated circuit industry, industrial chain, innovation chain and financial chain, "three chain integration" is the only way. China needs more professional investment platforms and more effective policy support. Nowadays, the development of semiconductors in China is becoming more mature and more rational. We should look at the problems under the current situation and face up to our shortcomings. With the official opening of IC park this time, many technology enterprises have settled in, and with the full help of many technology platforms, I believe that tomorrow will be better

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