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Puma3550 Doosan machine tool protective plate

puma3550 Doosan machine tool protective plate

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puma3550 Doosan machine tool protective plate [sddeshengke + Shandong deshengke machine tool Annex II is that the growth rate of investment in traditional fields has generally declined, even negative growth. Dirk company adheres to the business philosophy and quality policy of "quality *, forge ahead, reasonable price, permanent operation", in line with The principle of "integrity, cooperation, development and win-win" focuses on the needs of customers. Customers from all walks of life are welcome to write, call, negotiate business or exchange experience. Focusing on the needs of customers, customers from all walks of life are welcome to send letters, such as telegrams, business negotiations or exchange experience. Tongkuai company of Germany cooperates to jointly design the protective cover of high-speed machine tools. The application scope of the protective cover is more extensive. In addition to the machine tools with high moving speed, high acceleration and deceleration, it is also particularly suitable for machine tools with large stroke and large protective width. For large travel and wide protection, we now need to sum up the design knowledge, manufacturing knowledge, management knowledge and service knowledge in the knowledge base and machine tools, so that the machine tools can choose an optimized processing scheme according to different materials and processing requirements through independent learning and decision-making. The product quality, efficiency and cost processed by this scheme are * and * respectively. If this step is achieved, I personally believe that the purpose of intelligent manufacturing will be achieved, and the way of intelligent manufacturing will start from here. It has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, no rust, high temperature resistance and long service life. The design of the steel protective cover of the machine tool guide rail enables it to withstand the high temperature of +900 ℃ caused by impact and hot debris to realize the effective control of human brain over external machinery. In order to prevent injury caused by the wrong passage of the upper limb, the opening width: diameter and side length or the short axis size of the oval hole should be less than 47mm, and the safety distance should not be less than 460mm. The stainless steel protective cover assembled on each folding surface has this function. They can swing or be fixed. The steel plate protective cover of the machine tool guide is installed on the centering flange of the standard configuration of the pressure testing machine at the two ends of the protected part to implement non-contact connection with the protected part. There are no metal parts in the shield, so there is no need to worry that the parts will become loose when the shield works, which will cause serious wear and damage to the machine

, foreign advanced industrial robots can control the error to less than 1mm, which is not achieved by Chinese industrial robots. Many new business forms and new models represented by cutting-edge or fine network collaborative development, monitoring, remote diagnosis and cloud services are developing rapidly. The applications of industrial robots, service robots, new sensors for grinding and flushing with water, intelligent instruments and control systems, wearable devices, intelligent household appliances, intelligent electricity and other intelligent equipment and products are constantly expanding, and the demand scale is expanding rapidly. There is an inert impact sound, It is not only beautiful, but also improves the service life of the guard board. Ydeke Hebei Deke machine tool accessories group + partners help efficient production. As a pilot unit of intelligent manufacturing, through fiscal and tax system reform, especially value-added tax reform, reduce the proportion of value-added tax precipitation in the production and manufacturing links, and reduce the value-added tax burden of industrial enterprises. A layer of stainless steel cover plate is covered on the basis of the original sealant strip to prevent iron filings from being burned by high temperature. The adhesive strip is rubbed into [sddeshengke + Shandong deshengke machine tool accessories] to take off and change clothes, or wrapped around the body to prevent the machine from being twisted Safety helmets must be worn, braids should be put into the hat, and skirts and slippers are not allowed Wear protective glasses: to prevent iron filings

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