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The "price war" in the pump and valve market is not a long-term solution

our Chinese people have a skill: not to do a good job of products, but to make the price low. The same is true of the pump valve and bearing industry. If you get a little cheap, you will be complacent. Before you know it, you will destroy yourself

if the price is bad and the market is bad, it can certainly return to the original level. However, this repair process will be very long, and even need to pay the price of death. Sometimes, it even makes a variety disappear completely. The new strength does not come from those who are not afraid of the dead like moths, but from those who do the opposite and stick to their own quality positioning and price positioning

appropriately lowering the price is conducive to industrialization and scale, but the price is too low and excessive, and the industry will be killed without compromising the means. This is the truth proved by countless facts

if you go around the current pump and valve market, you will find that there is a serious surplus of similar products, and the prices are lower than each other. Whichever product makes money, everyone will rush to make which product and which style sells well. Everyone will imitate this style. The same variety is too expensive to sell more than 10000, and there are all the lowest ones. Customers only look at the surface, and feel not too bad. In fact, there is a big gap in invisible places! But customers don't know. They are staring at cheap purchases. Bad money drives out good money. Slowly, good things begin to reduce prices in order to survive

therefore, this is really an era of death! In order to let oneself live, so I don't want everyone to live! As a result, no one can live

can we do well if the price is excessive? Eighty percent have a poor prognosis. Just like after the land is polluted, can you expect the food not to be polluted? This is also a daydream

the land is polluted and will be in famine for at least a few years. Let weeds grow wildly, purify all pollutants, and restore the original purity of the land before crops can be planted. However, what are the inspection points and maintenance of this particle plastic free tensile testing machine before use? In the past few years, many people can't survive. They either starve to death or move around. This is why the subdivision category was very viable at the beginning, and many people made money by relying on the subdivision category. Later, most enterprises collapsed

the industry really needs to restore commercial rationality. Don't be so desperate to buy the 70% equity of Pingmei Guoneng held by the controlling shareholder China Pingmei Shenma energy and Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pingmei Shenma Group)

price is a double-edged sword, which can hurt people or yourself. Irrational price war is usually equal to the end of the war. The day when the industry has no money to earn, it is not far from death

we appreciate those enterprises that always adhere to their own positioning, whether brand positioning, quality positioning or price positioning. They are the backbone of the industry, the future and hope of the industry, and worthy of respect

the truly respectable enterprises are not the enterprises with the fastest development and expansion, nor the largest enterprises, but the enterprises that consistently adhere to the creation of commercial value and social value, and the enterprises that always have their own bottom line. Its existence is a blessing that the main and auxiliary composite leaf springs should be able to ensure that the working face of the auxiliary leaf spring can fully contact the industry under the rated static load, the specified negative load and the reference load. It is a blessing of the society and its own

therefore, adhering to our own product value, our own business value, and our own existence value are important enterprise bottom lines and business bottom lines

if there are too many enterprises producing garbage products in an industry, many enterprises die when they die, which is not worthy of sympathy. Why do we need so many garbage enterprises? If a product has many enterprises that produce garbage products, it will die out, which is not worthy of sympathy. We need so many garbage enterprises and plastic people, and we need to hurry up and prepare! What do you know from the picture

we can't abuse the industry because of garbage

in the past 30 years, our economic level was very poor, our consumption capacity was very weak, and we needed a large number of low-end products and even garbage products to fill it. At that time, it was understandable that the garbage industry was very developed; Today, our consumption and appreciation have come up. Our reproduction of so many junk products is a waste of resources, a challenge to consumers' tolerance, and irresponsibility for the industry and our own future

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