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Pulse future Youfu is committed to building a data center in the cloud era. Ctiforum on August 12 (Li Wenjie): as we all know, with the rapid development of Internet, the pace of enterprise informatization continues to accelerate. High speed Internet, Web2.0, and information explosion hasten the advent of the cloud computing era. Various cloud terminals and cloud businesses are emerging in endlessly, and cloud computing data center will be the cornerstone of promoting ICT convergence with square horizontal instruments on the working platform to carry out cloud businesses. At present, building a cloud computing data center has become a trend

traditional data centers have become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of dynamic response and on-demand distribution of computer room infrastructure (power, refrigeration, etc.) brought about by cloud computing and virtualization technology, and can not alleviate the huge problems brought to enterprises and governments due to the rapid development of business. No wonder LANXESS is planning to build an advanced glass fiber production plant, which has high energy consumption and cost pressure. In order to adapt to the IT development direction of the cloud era and big data, enterprises have established their own data centers, distributed more than three data centers to athletes, and selected a variety of cloud computing solutions. Unlike traditional it, the cloud era uses more virtualization technology, and the processing of data will be handled with the help of virtual systems, which not only completes the expansion and deployment of data centers quickly and efficiently, At the same time, it also takes into account the development requirements of green energy conservation and low-carbon economy

as we all know, with the rapid development of Internet, the pace of enterprise informatization is accelerating. The application and management mode of IT resources is undergoing profound changes, and will gradually develop from independent and decentralized functional resources to service-oriented innovative resources with data center as the bearing platform. Data centers have become economic infrastructures like transportation and energy

however, in the era of big data, traditional data centers are facing unprecedented challenges. A relevant person in charge of Fuluo, a well-known domestic enterprise level cloud computing operator, pointed out that data centers are smart brains carrying information applications. In the future, the scale and complexity of data centers will continue to increase, while traditional data centers are facing problems such as high construction cost, long cycle, high energy consumption, low efficiency of operation and management, and poor scalability, which seriously restrict the business development of the replacement industry in one time

in order to help customers realize the transformation from traditional data center to cloud computing data center, youfuluo specially provides and builds all network IDC products and software required by informatization for enterprises through in-depth research on new IT technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage and virtualization, so as to improve it flexibility, reduce the complexity of operations and reduce operating costs. In addition, the highly integrated computer room, cooling system, security system and power supply system of the data center, through cloud computing, build enterprises' flexible information capacity, stable architecture and service mode, which is more energy-saving, more efficient and more secure

it is worth mentioning that youfuluo cloud computing service can build an enterprise's private cloud for customers in different industries and different needs by using youfuluo hardware resources and cloud computing operation platform. The effective control of data, security and service quality has been strengthened. Further improve the internal management process of the enterprise, so as to improve the internal operation and management efficiency of the enterprise

according to effective data, 21% of IT enterprises with energy-efficient data centers can launch 50% more new plans and innovative projects than before. It is this reality that makes the energy-efficient data center an important tool for the sustainable development of the IT industry, and the competition of IT enterprises in the data center will become increasingly fierce in the future. Therefore, enterprises such as youfuluo that are committed to the construction and implementation of cloud era data center solutions will be more and more favored by the market. Facing the future, cloud era data center will become the core of more enterprises' success

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