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Composition of computer proofing system and its application in the corrugated box industry

with the deepening application of microcomputer, electronic control and other technologies in the corrugated box industry, the continuous development of corrugated box processing technology, and the continuous emergence of intelligent equipment with high speed, high efficiency and high precision, the corrugated box computer proofing system is an advanced proofing system introduced in the domestic corrugated box industry in recent years. Compared with traditional manual proofing, it is not only fast and efficient, but also has high cutting and indentation accuracy. The produced carton samples are exquisite. It can install corresponding tools according to different needs. It can not only complete the sample processing of cartons and cartons, small batch production, but also make die-cutting boards, draw engineering drawings, material cutting and other functions. Therefore, many domestic carton enterprises have introduced corrugated carton computer proofing system

(I) composition of corrugated box computer proofing system

corrugated box computer proofing system is mainly composed of the following two parts:

1. PC and professional design software:

based on Windows operating system and installed with box type CAD design software. First, the box type design is completed in the PC design software. Vector drawing software, such as cordraw, freehand and other software, can be used for graphic design, but professional design software for installing cartons and cartons is generally required. The professional design software fully considers the processing characteristics of the carton and carton industry: it contains powerful drawing modules and tools, and a rich box type library in line with international industry standards, so that the design of cartons and cartons can be easily and quickly clicked on Merlin at the bottom. And the box library can continuously supplement the model; 3D stereoscopic image display function, combined with 3ds visual, is convenient to simulate the box effect. Professional design software also has a powerful function of making up, and simply setting the necessary parameters can automatically generate making up. Some professional design software fully consider the process difficulties of die-cutting plate manufacturing and processing. The functions commonly used in making templates, such as center positioning, compensation line, indentation bottom paste, rebound sponge, etc., are integrated with relevant buttons in the design software. The operation is completed in one step, and the produced die-cutting plate has high precision. Therefore, selecting box type professional design software will get twice the result with half the effort, and the design software has high stability, supports rich graphic file formats, and it is best to choose the design software integrated with the proofing machine equipment

2. Proofing machine equipped with cutter and indentation wheel tool head:

Carton CAD design software completes the carton type design of cartons and cartons, and then transmits the documents from the serial port of PC to the proofing machine: after receiving the data, the proofing machine performs the corresponding cutting and indentation processing (some machines can also complete the spraying of color patterns. People have done a lot of theoretical and Experimental Research on the screw and ink printing) to produce the carton samples. The basic structure of the proofing machine is shown in Figure 1: Taking the workbench as the plane coordinate system, the longitudinal axis is x axis, the transverse axis is Y axis, and the movement of the tool head is in two directions

(II) operation of proofing machine:

1. Use professional design software on PC to complete the design of carton, mark the size and save it in the corresponding file format

2. In the state of turning off the machine drive, place the paperboard to be processed at the appropriate position on the workbench, start the vacuum pump, and adsorb and fix the paperboard

3. Turn on the drive switch of the machine control panel. Use the direction key to move the multi-function head to the starting point of the work, and use the positioning laser head to set the origin of the work. Press the start/stop button to open the connection mode of the proofer and prepare to receive data. The file data designed by CAD software is output from PC and transmitted to proofing machine through serial port

4. After the proofing machine completes its work, press the start/stop button to return to the main menu

(III) computer proofing machine auxiliary system

1. Vacuum system: in order to fix the cardboard to be cut and indented on the workbench of the proofing machine, the proofing machine provides a vacuum system to keep the cardboard fixed. There are mainly vacuum pumps, plastic pipes, and flat plates with air grooves based on plastic textile masks and closely spaced ventilation holes on them. In order to obtain the ideal effect of air absorption and keeping the paperboard, the working area should be larger than the maximum vacuum area as far as possible. The closed sealing groove edge adsorption fixation method can strongly adsorb small area materials

2. High precision electronic eyes are optional. A special keyboard can be used to set a variety of parameters and store large LCD parameters and working states. The operation interface is friendly and easy to operate

3. Drive system: the electrical control box is installed with IC, computer motherboard and I/O board to complete the reception and conversion of file data with PC. Communicate with the multi-function tool head to control the cutting knife, line pressing wheel and drawing pen. Advanced micro step subdivision technology and step servo motor are used for horizontal and vertical drive. High precision feedback encoder is installed on the motor shaft, which has high control precision. High precision linear slide (made in Germany) ball screw drive is equipped with filter and silencing device. The linear slide cooperates with ball screw to greatly provide equipment accuracy and mechanical efficiency. The linear slide rail is rolling friction, and the friction coefficient is very small, so it ensures high positioning accuracy of cutting processing. It is used for high-speed movement and greatly reduces the required driving power to avoid poor operation of the machine

(IV) maintenance

clean the machine table, guide rail and support every day, and make the environment around the machine sanitary through a set of scientific quantitative system; Clean and lubricate the guide rail with an oily rag

compressed air unit - discharge the remaining air; Tool head - clean all accumulations with a brush; Vacuum plate - wipe the surface of the plate with a cloth soaked in deformed alcohol; Toothed guide rail - use a soft plastic brush to clean the sheets of the toothed guide rail under the guide rail. (text/sunxuefu)

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