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Pulp prices are rising, and listed companies are looking for countermeasures.

recently, pulp prices have been rising all the way in the international market. In the North American market, the latest price of northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK), which is regarded as the "weathervane" of pulp price, has reached $677.69/ton, which is close to the peak of $680/ton in July and August last year; On the European

market, the US dollar quotation of northern bleached cork kraft pulp was US $637.76, up 6.69% from last week; The quotation in euros was 496.12 euros, up 9.11% from last week when the electronic universal testing machine was in normal use

due to the spot trading of pulp import price in the domestic market, there is a slight time lag with the international price. At present, the price rise is not obvious, but the price rise expectation has attracted the attention of insiders

the price of pulp rises all the way

"The rise in pulp prices in the international market is mainly due to the technical shutdown and maintenance of some pulp manufacturers in North America and Northern Europe, resulting in a decline in output; at the same time, Chinese paper-making enterprises added more capacity last year and this year. With the release of capacity, the demand for pulp is rising. Especially recently, most domestic paper-making enterprises began to add orders to prepare for production, resulting in a strong demand for pulp. In addition, As pulp prices are mostly denominated in US dollars, the depreciation of the US dollar against European and Asian currencies is also one of the factors for the rise in pulp prices. " Wang Peng, an analyst at China Merchants Securities Research Institute, summarized various reasons for the recent rebound in pulp prices

it is understood that at present, most of the raw materials of China's paper industry depend on imports. According to the prediction of "China paper", the domestic pulp gap may reach 10million tons this year, some of which can be solved by new pulp production lines, but most still need to be imported. How can domestic paper enterprises cope with the rising price of raw materials

each shows his magic power to resolve the pressure

"at present, the price of long fiber wood pulp for the production of high-end paper such as paper, copper board paper and paperboard is indeed in a reasonably high operation stage, which has brought great cost pressure to the company. However, it has not yet reached the highest point of last year, and the company is still acceptable. If the price of wood pulp continues to rise, the company will consider increasing the price to absorb the cost pressure." The head of the Securities Department of the hybrid Department of Shandong paper listed company, which has two functions: machine control and data processing, explained to

but is it the company's say in raising prices? Informed sources said that at present, the domestic paper prices are determined by the market, and there are many paper-making enterprises with fierce competition. Although these enterprises have common raw material rising pressure, the possibility of joint price increases is relatively small. "It mainly depends on the pricing ability and negotiation ability of the enterprise itself, and it is agreed with the downstream industries such as publishing houses and printing plants. 4. Frequent use of this equipment for tensile breaking experiments may cause some fasteners to loosen and raise the price. If the downstream industries do not accept it, the enterprise can only absorb the cost pressure internally."

however, many enterprises have also taken countermeasures against the rise in wood pulp prices. Yang Sheng, the Board Secretary of Bohui paper, told that the company had stockpiled enough wood pulp for the first quarter of this year before the year, so it avoided the recent rise in wood pulp prices. He believes that one of the reasons for the price rise is that local enterprises began to purchase, which will gradually stabilize over time. He also said that the white cardboard of Bohui paper industry has a certain ability to raise prices, but the price increase will not be too large

in addition, many listed companies have begun to increase their own wood pulp production lines. For example, Chenming paper, Bohui paper and other companies have put into production wood pulp production lines supporting paperboard, which will effectively reduce the situation that enterprises rely heavily on imports

how much will the rise in raw material prices affect?

will the strong rise in raw material prices at the beginning of the year continue throughout the year? How much pressure will it bring to domestic paper enterprises? It is understood that researchers are still divided about the price trend of pulp, but it is generally believed that the operation of domestic paper enterprises will not be greatly affected throughout the year

Wang Peng of China Merchants Securities said that judging from the supply-demand relationship of the pulp market in 2005, pulp prices may show a trend of high before low. He believes that the demand for pulp in the Chinese market will continue to grow, especially driven by the new capacity this year, and the pulp price will remain high in the short term. However, the new capacity of pulp in the international market in 2005 is also large, so it may fall back in the second half of the year

Li Dagang of Huaxia Securities Research Institute believes that the fluctuation range of international pulp prices throughout the year should be basically the same as last year. Because last year, the international new pulp production capacity was more than 1 million tons, and this year, the expected new production capacity is more than 3 million tons, which is in a stable growth cycle, while the growth rate of new production capacity of domestic paper enterprises is basically the same. Last year, the listing price of northern bleached cork kraft pulp fluctuated between $620 and $680, so it is inferred that the fluctuation range this year may be $620 to $700, slightly higher than last year. Due to the balance between supply and demand, the gross profit margin of domestic enterprises in 2005 should not be affected

Wang Feng of Guotai Junan Securities Research Institute believes that the rise in international pulp prices will not have a great impact on domestic enterprises. First, at the beginning of the year, many large domestic enterprises made a large number of purchases; Second, in 2005, Brazil's 10000 ton eucalyptus pulp production line, app's 1million ton pulp production line in Hainan, and Germany's about 400000 ton production line will all be put into operation successively. It is estimated that the new production capacity will exceed 3million tons. At the same time, some domestic enterprises' new paper production capacity will also have supporting pulp production lines put into operation. Most of the production period is after the middle of the year, and the supply should not be a problem

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