What is floor health care

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Yama Wang: what is floor health care

floor health care and floor maintenance are just one word, but their meanings are completely different. To put it simply, "health preservation" is the work of manufacturers. In order to produce flooring with better quality and won the trust of consumers, they use years of experience to adopt more professional technology. The "maintenance" mainly depends on how the owner treats the floor after it is installed. If you want your floor to be as clean and young as your face, you have to pay attention and take care of it with some "skin care products"

every floor comes from life in the forest. The trees growing in every corner have their own "personalities", such as the moisture content, density and hardness value. The difference may be due to different tree species, but if the tree species are the same, the relevant values will be different because of different environments. Therefore, before the log has become a floor, the log must adapt to the environment of the installation site, especially the local temperature and humidity

the existence of floor life is that it will shrink and expand. The process of storing it for a period of time before installation to adapt to the warm and humid environment of the installation site is called floor curing. Curing can not only balance the moisture content of the whole floor, but also eliminate the internal stress of the floor. The general control of curing conditions is that the relative humidity is 45% - 55%; The water content is between 8% and 12%

the health preservation link is an important factor determining the quality of the floor to a certain extent. For example, our common wood floor warping, arching, cracks and other general problems, if the health preservation program is done well, the adaptability of the floor will be stronger, and its common problems will also be reduced a lot




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