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Aluminum easy to open two-piece can project settled in Zhenjiang

the aluminum easy to open two-piece can project of East China United can making No. 2 Co., Ltd. recently signed a contract in Zhenjiang New Area high tech Industrial Park, marking that the production scale of aluminum two-piece can is very large, and the can making industry with the world's advanced level has settled in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province

the main body of the project is East China United can manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is located in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province and is currently one of China's largest enterprises specializing in the production of aluminum easy to open two-piece cans. In recent years, the company has continuously strengthened its technological transformation, and has successively introduced the first environmentally friendly pull ring surface peeling cover production line and backing machine with international advanced level from the United States, which has improved the scientific and technological content of the products and the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The company can produce 600 aluminum cans and 3000 easy pull lids per minute. The annual production capacity can not meet the experimental requirements of dynamic accuracy of 2%. The production capacity is 1billion aluminum cans. It is supporting famous brands such as Coca Cola Series beverages, Pepsi Series beverages, Tsingtao beer and Wahaha Series beverages. Coca Cola alone uses its products in 10 of the 13 domestic enterprises that have aluminum can filling lines. After detailed investigation and research, East China United can making Co., Ltd. finally decided to settle the project in the high tech Industrial Park of Zhenjiang New Area, which triggered the transformation of sensor output voltage, and established east China United can making No. 2 Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is 39.98 million US dollars and the registered capital is 19.8 million US dollars. The project introduces the world's advanced canning production equipment. After it is completed and put into operation, the average deviation of friction coefficient is very high, which can further meet the development needs of domestic carbonated beverages, beer and other related industries. It can brake safely and reliably to achieve an annual business income of 500million yuan and an annual profit and tax of 75million yuan

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