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"Aluminum City" seeks change: the "invisible champion" rises under the chain of 100 billion yuan

"now our product thickness can reach 0.245mm, which is the thinnest tank material at home and abroad." In Binzhou City, Shandong Province, Yejun, the vice president in charge of production of Weiqiao aluminum and electricity company, held the tank body as thin as a cicada's wing and said proudly: "don't underestimate this 0.0 millimeter. According to one ton of semi-finished products, 3000 more tanks can be produced than ordinary thickness materials."

the light and thin cans are sold all over the world and occupy a leading position. The story of Weiqiao aluminum and electricity company attacking the city and pulling out the stronghold is very representative among the aluminum industry entrepreneurs in Binzhou, a prefecture level city. Recently, in a local interview, science and technology found that in Binzhou, known as the "aluminum capital", there are many "invisible champions" like Weiqiao aluminum and electricity company, which not only hold the core technology, but also lead the market segment. In the context of rising costs and price fluctuations, the innovation efforts of "champions" have supported the positive side of Binzhou aluminum industry with an output value of 330billion yuan

all aluminum in the world is produced by electrolysis. However, under the pressure of environmental protection, the pollution of traditional electrolytic aluminum industry is a headache. Through the cooperation between industry, University and research, Weiqiao entrepreneurial group "presented" this "big guy" - the world's first full series 600 kiloampere large anode prebaked aluminum electrolytic cell. Because of its advanced technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, it won the first prize of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and technology award

the emergence of "the first in the world" has condensed some secrets of Weiqiao venture group's seven consecutive years of being listed in the "world top 500". That is to rely on scientific and technological innovation to stand at the forefront of the industry and continue to maintain a leading position and unique advantages. In the whole chain of aluminum industry in Binzhou, it is not uncommon for such cases to stand at the forefront and win the first place

building buildings like building blocks has become a trend in the construction industry, but the traditional wood, bamboo and steel formwork often has the disadvantages of "rough, stupid and stupid". As the density is 1/3 of that of steel, it is light and corrosion-resistant, and can be recycled for more than 300 times, the aluminum alloy fine and deep processing product of Shandong Taiyi Metal Technology Co., Ltd. - aluminum formwork has been applied to Vanke, rongchuang, Evergrande, country garden and other industry leaders. The huge annual production capacity of 3million square meters has made it the first in the industry

Shandong Yuhang special alloy equipment company, which is not far from Shandong Taiyi metal company, has just completed the ultra-high strength and corrosion-resistant 7055 aluminum alloy plate in cooperation with Shandong University. This plate has been applied to the large aircraft body of Boeing company in the United States. It is learned that this enterprise's conductor rail products in the field of rail transit occupy more than 60% of the domestic market share

resolutely cut with the low-end products of the industrial chain. The courage comes from the huge allowable stress exposed in the middle and high-end market of the industrial chain, which is a large value-added space based on tensile strength

liyitao, deputy director of Binzhou development and Reform Commission, calculated an account: one ton of aluminum is processed into aluminum rods, with an additional value of 500 yuan; Processed into low-voltage insulated cable, with an additional value of 5000 yuan; Processed into aluminum furniture, the end product of the industrial chain, with an added value of 80000 yuan; If more R & D achievements are integrated into the field of new materials, the added value will increase exponentially

from "selling by ton" to "selling by ton" with "the strongest brain" to tackle the core technology

in the workshop of Shandong innovation Metal Technology Co., Ltd., there is a special production line, which enables the company to realize the leap from "selling by ton" to "selling by ton" of aluminum products

from apple, domestic and foreign brands favor precision aluminum alloy integrated shell, which makes the machine very integrated, and the overall design full of metal feeling is extremely simple. What outsiders don't know is that among the domestic and foreign high-end aluminum alloy suppliers, Shandong innovative Metal Co., Ltd. has taken the lead, and its profits have also doubled several times

the added value "soars", and the profit from one piece of work catches up with the profit from one ton of work before. Cuilixin, chairman of Shandong innovation metal company, has an understanding: "this is the power of science and technology."

where does the added value of the product come from? The key lies in talent, technology and R & D. At present, Binzhou aluminum enterprises have joined hands with dozens of universities and institutes such as Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University to seek benefits from industry, University and research. At the end of May last year, Binzhou City set up a special high-end expert committee to attract experts from Tsinghua University, China nonferrous metal processing association and other industries, and try to deeply combine the expertise of experts with the development of Binzhou high-end aluminum industry cluster to advance towards the middle and high-end of the industrial chain and value chain

in Binzhou, the phenomenon of science and technology serving the economy in depth is not new. It has been going on from the past to the present

the rise of Shandong Bohai piston (600960) Co., Ltd. has its own logic from a small iron wood workshop with only 40000 yuan to the world's fourth largest piston giant. As the earliest aluminum related enterprise in Binzhou, the company began to produce aluminum pistons in 1963 and became the No. 1 in China's piston industry market in 1984. It has been the champion for 35 years

why do you win? Linfenghua, chairman of Shandong Binzhou Bohai piston Co., Ltd., said: "at first, the three key projects deeply embedded the innovative DNA in our bones." The success of "improving material properties, processing equipment for changing convex to elliptical shape, and ring piston" has enabled Bohai piston to complete the first optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and also equipped it with the domestic leading core technology of piston design and manufacturing, thus starting its leading 35 years

aluminum industry is the dominant industry in Shandong, and Binzhou is one of the largest original aluminum producing areas. However, the shortage of Binzhou aluminum industry lies in the low proportion of high value-added products. It can be seen from the above cases that it has become a consensus to solve the above problems by installing the "strongest brain" and tackling key technologies

build the whole aluminum industry chain to create an ultra close industrial cluster

interview with Binzhou aluminum industry, Weiqiao entrepreneurial group is an inseparable role. Someone joked, "if Weiqiao sneezes, it is estimated that the whole Binzhou aluminum industry will catch a cold"

since joining the aluminum industry in 2001, Weiqiao venture group has spent 18 years to build a whole industry chain of "thermoelectricity mining alumina raw aluminum high-precision aluminum strip and new materials". For the more than 60 aluminum related enterprises derived later, the raw material supply at the front end of the industrial chain is basically from Weiqiao venture group

"innovation is not an isolated event, they tend to cluster." This sentence of Schumpeter, an American economist, can explain the relationship between Weiqiao venture group, the "leader" of aluminum industry, and Binzhou aluminum industry

Zouping is one of the top 100 counties in China and a major aluminum county. More importantly, it is the headquarters of Weiqiao venture group. Cuilixin once said to science and technology: "Weiqiao venture group is the raw material supplier of all aluminum deep-processing enterprises in our county. Unlike ordinary electrolytic aluminum enterprises, Weiqiao directly provides aluminum ingot raw materials, and downstream enterprises directly cast products according to their needs."

this is a very close industrial cluster. There is often only a road or a wall between enterprises. As soon as the aluminum water from Weiqiao comes out, it does not need to fall to the ground. It is immediately sent to the plants of other deep-processing enterprises to become finished products such as aluminum plate, strip foil, automobile hub, parts and components. This alone can reduce the intermediate cost of 700 yuan per ton for Binzhou aluminum industry chain. You should know what it means to save 700 yuan per ton for the aluminum industry or start-ups without excess profit margin

of course, the relationship between leading enterprises and industries also needs entrepreneurs' mind and overall view. In order to avoid homogeneous competition, Weiqiao entrepreneurial group has an unwritten regulation that it will no longer involve the fields involved by downstream enterprises, but find other market gaps. This has won development space for many aluminum related enterprises. We should know that according to the innovation ability of Weiqiao venture group, 1.1 under the condition of strictly abiding by the transportation, storage, device and application rules of the experimental machine, which line does it want to do and which one can not be the first? It can be said that sharing and win-win is one of the quintessence of Binzhou's entrepreneurial spirit

because Binzhou knows how to share, it has attracted well-known enterprises such as CITIC daika, BAIC group and AVIC group, and also made the city's high-end aluminum industry cluster listed as a national innovative industry cluster by the Ministry of science and technology

in the era of transformation, the "aluminum capital" seeks change. There is a knack for cultivating "champions" under the 300billion yuan industrial chain - shaping the environment, supporting industry, introducing "brains", financial assistance, and finally, a little spirit and luck

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