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Aluminum foil composite paper has become the leading packaging material for cigarette packaging

aluminum foil composite paper has basically replaced asphalt moisture-proof paper because of its high softness, decoration and protection, and has become the leading packaging material for cigarette packaging, which will also make the emerging aluminum coated paper gradually withdraw from the field of cigarette packaging

the lamination of cigarette foil adopts the wet lamination process, which has better production efficiency, economy and environmental protection than the dry lamination and hot-melt lamination. It uses water-soluble or water dispersible adhesive to bond aluminum foil with porous and highly hygroscopic backing paper, eliminating a series of problems caused by the use of alum solvent in dry bonding, such as environmental pollution, residual solvent in products, and the addition of waste gas recovery and discharge devices, so as to make the production process and products more hygienic and safe

at present, China is the largest cigarette producer and consumer in the world. The cigarette packaging market is huge. At present, the aluminum foil composite paper used in this field accounts for 40%-50% of the aluminum foil consumption

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