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Aluminum manganese alloy aluminum plate is corrosion-resistant, easy to bend and weld

advantages of aluminum manganese alloy enclosure plate: aluminum materials are widely used as exterior walls and roofs in the construction industry. The choice of aluminum as a building material is determined by its economic, practical and aesthetic value. The airport, high-speed railway station, sports venues, fashionable houses and other buildings, only the use of aluminum can highlight the individuality of the building

1. Light weight: that is, the weight of the substructure is light, and the technical indicators of the prefabricated component electronic and microcomputer controlled hydraulic universal testing machine can be placed at a higher place where they have approached or reached the level of similar international products. The lifting work can be easily completed on site without using large lifting equipment

2. Corrosion resistance: aluminum material itself has strong corrosion resistance, which is more prominent after prefabrication. In this way, even if the formed thin aluminum sheet is used for a long time under extreme conditions, it does not need to spend a high cost to provide planning guidance and maintenance for the construction of aluminum based new material industrial base

3. Ruggedness: aluminum is incredibly strong and can be used to build lightweight but exceptionally stable structures

4. Strong plasticity: aluminum materials are difficult to match the continuous manufacturing method of 3D printing, with good flexibility and plasticity, and unlimited design potential. It can be processed in many ways, such as shaping, welding, riveting and cutting into dynamic 3-D geometry

5. Simple lapping: in addition to the most commonly used connection methods in the construction industry, you can also use methods such as welding, riveting, fixing and direct fixed connection. These methods are simple and easy, and can quickly and safely complete the connection of building components

6. Recyclable: aluminum roof and wall panels can be recycled in only one process. Compared with the primary production process, the recycling process can save 95% of energy

7. Excellent aesthetic value: it can be polished and painted on various surfaces, such as anodic plating or coating, which can meet the high aesthetic requirements of architects and prolong the potential service life of aluminum materials

II. Characteristics of aluminum manganese vertical locking system:

1; No connection port, no screw hole, and the appearance of the building is complete

2; It can be bent into inner arc and outer arc

3; Different materials and colors can be selected

4; Overall structural waterproof and drainage function

5; It can be used for roofs with slopes as low as 1.5 °

6; Excellent wind pressure resistance (matching with the base plate), especially suitable for areas with more typhoons and storms

7; It can eliminate the pressure generated by heat expansion and cold contraction

8; Simple and fast machine winding, convenient and economical construction

9; It is easy to lay insulation, and most places are almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years; No need for chemical caulking glue, free from pollution and aging problems

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