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The replacement engine solution fully meets your needs.

the replacement engine solution fully meets your needs.

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with the rising price of new machinery and equipment, many users hope to renovate old machines instead of purchasing new equipment. Perkins provides the most complete reconstituted and replaced engine solutions for the machinery industry, which is not only more cost-effective than in the past, but also more convenient to supply. No matter where you are in the world, you can easily order. These reconstituted and replaced engines not only have the same performance as the new ones, but also are equipped with 100% Perkins pure parts, with the standard warranty conditions of the original factory, which can help you meet the emission standards of your region and maintain your production efficiency

as a leading engine supplier in the industry, we have the most complete replacement engine solution to help end-users' equipment minimize downtime in case of failure on the construction site, and have more flexibility to select a variety of different overhaul schemes to quickly obtain replacement parts or complete machines

Bai Yien, after-sales product marketing manager of Perkins, said: "today our service is not only more competitive than before, but also more convenient to supply, including products that can support previous generations of engines and even other competitive brands."

he added: "the replacement engine solution we supply not only has the same performance as the new engine, but also is equipped with Perkins genuine parts and the standard warranty conditions of the original factory. This can also help your equipment extend the residual value. If you decide that it is time to resell the engine."

perkins can now provide ready-made new replacement engines for designated models, which fully meet the required emission standards. It adopts a direct replacement renovation scheme

new long cylinder and reconstituted long cylinder engines

perkins new long cylinder engines are all manufactured according to the same design specification. Customers who need power to restart can obtain higher value and more flexibility. 3. Room temperature 10oC ⑶ 5oC; Selection of

new short cylinder and reconstituted short cylinder engines

perkins short cylinder engines are low-cost maintenance solutions. In case of serious cylinder seizure of the engine, the user can replace it with a short cylinder, so as to minimize the shutdown time and ensure reliable performance

new and complete cylinder head

if the cylinder head is damaged, but the rest of the engine is still intact, we can provide a new and complete cylinder head, which is undoubtedly a fast and cost-effective replacement scheme

other products and services

in order to further cooperate with our replacement engine solution and create more benefits for users, we also supply special after-sales products, including extended warranty plan and specially formulated engine oil and coolant

our reconstituted replacement engine solution can bring significant benefits to end users, including:

whether the engine is replaced or reconstituted, its performance is the same as that of the new engine, but the price is only a fraction of that of the new engine

the performance of the replacement engine is the same as that of the new engine, which helps you minimize the cost of emission upgrading

help extend the service life of your equipment and increase the resale value of your equipment, thereby increasing your return on investment

processing the order for replacement engines is as fast and simple as purchasing new engines, which can maximize production efficiency and minimize downtime

high reliability - all replacement solutions use 100%perkins genuine parts with original warranty conditions

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