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Aluminum foil heat sealing adhesive (VC) for drug packaging

Product Overview: This product is made of imported polymers through fine processing with scientific formula., It can also provide heat sealing adhesives with different heat sealing temperatures according to different requirements of users

product application: This product can be applied to the heat sealing and bonding of PTP aluminum foil and PVC hard sheet, the inner coating of beer and beverage bottle cap, the heat sealing and bonding of various metal sheets and PVC, the paper and paper, and the heat sealing of metal decorative tape gradually protruding from the third tier cities in the pharmaceutical production. This is a great good news bonding

product features: with ester as the main solvent, it has the characteristics of no odor, low toxicity, suitable dryness, no paste, no dirty plate, no corrosion to plate materials, excellent printing adaptability, low viscosity, high solid content, fast drying speed, good transparency, high bonding strength, wide heat sealing bonding temperature, less application voltage of 5V, and good heat sealing bonding strength

product specification: 1. Physical properties

project indicators

transparent, colorless or yellowish liquid appearance

solid content (%) 20 ~ 30%

viscosity (coated with 4-Cup, 25 ℃, s) 40 ± 5

heat sealing strength (the properties of n/15mm rock after compression until its strength is completely lost can be indicated by the load deformation process curve shown in Figure 1) 3 7

drying performance room temperature non bonding

2 Chemical performance

item refers to the start-up of the machine standard

abnormal toxicity meets the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China

volatile matter (mg/0.02m2) ≤ 4

fluorescent substances shall not be in flakes

dissolved matter test easy oxide consumption 0.02mol/l KMnO4 ≤ 1.00ml

heavy metal ppm ≤ 0.25

product verification: good printing adaptability, transparency and Abrasion resistance, uncoiling property and heat sealing adhesive strength

content of product technical information: formula, manufacturing process, raw material supply list, list of required equipment, maintenance method for common problems of formula, raw material inspection and product quality inspection, cost accounting, usage method

source: China cigarette packaging ink information

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