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Looking back on 2016, the aluminum door and window market is unpredictable and full of challenges and opportunities. So what new situation will the aluminum door and window industry face in the new 2017? What difficulties and opportunities will we encounter in the process of development

1. The overall situation of the domestic aluminum alloy door and window industry in 2017 can be described as "ice and fire". The overall sales growth momentum of influential brands and brands with distinctive personalized characteristics is obvious. Among them, large brands rely on the advantages of rich product chain, great brand influence, sinking channels and comprehensive distribution points to continuously improve product sales, while niche brands rely on market segmentation, Continuously innovate in special fields, make a certain category to the extreme, and realize the high recognition of the brand among specific consumer groups, so as to improve sales; However, enterprises without brand influence and characteristic products, under the market background that consumers' consumption of doors and windows is becoming more and more rational and their demand for brand and product characteristics is becoming increasingly strong, continue to be eroded by competitors' market share, and the polarization of the industry is becoming increasingly obvious

for the past 2016, the main reason for "difficult business" is that enterprises are competing in the same market through the same products, prices, designs, channels and customers. The market cake is limited, and the competition is bound to be more intense. At this point, it is necessary to reposition the brand through differentiation and re finding the focus market

2. The integration of aluminum doors and windows resources has been continuously strengthened

2017, another distinctive feature of the aluminum doors and windows industry is that the integration between enterprises and the integration of funds have been continuously strengthened. Whether it is the strong alliance of enterprises, the real growth opportunities of new materials outside the industry funded by the industry's capital, or the industry funded by foreign capital, the industry will enter a new stage

in the past, the aluminum door and window industry "let a hundred flowers bloom" and "a hundred schools of thought contend". Now, the industry concentration is becoming higher and higher, and more and more enterprises have a solid capital base, which enables the enterprises in this industry to have a direction. This will also give the extruder industry endless development momentum. The capital injected outside the industry will also make the funds outside the industry start to pay attention to this industry. In the future, as a traditional manufacturing industry, the aluminum door and window industry, The combination with capital will be more and more close, and it will also set off a new round of innovation and reform of technology and marketing mode in the industry. Therefore, there will be super large enterprises in the industry in the future

3. The reshuffle of the aluminum door and window industry is accelerating again

the oversupply of the national aluminum door and window market has continued for many years. Although in the past 2016, affected by environmental protection, the storm of stopping production and limiting production swept the country, the fundamental problems of the industry development have not been alleviated. In 2017, although environmental protection policies and pressure will continue to increase, the imbalance between supply and demand in the door and window market is still very prominent

with the change of national macro-control and economic situation, it is difficult to predict the specific market demand in the future. But what is certain is that with the upgrading of consumption, consumers have higher and higher requirements for products and services. Excellent enterprises will become more and more excellent. Enterprises lacking business ideas, funds and a correct grasp of future trends will be phased out. To some extent, the industry concentration increased in 2017, and more enterprises lacking core competitive advantages were shuffled out. This wave of closures may continue in 2017, which will also accelerate the industry reshuffle

2017's aluminum door and window industry can be said to be a "double heaven of ice and fire", and the polarization of the industry is becoming increasingly obvious. Through the continuous strengthening of the integration between enterprises and the integration of funds, the industry will enter a new stage. Affected by the environmental protection in 2016, the tide of closure of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises may continue, which will also accelerate the industry reshuffle

at the end of 2016, the price rise of raw materials undoubtedly became one of the most sensitive words in the aluminum door and window industry, and the environmental protection renovation is a heavy burden for the door and window enterprises again. From the perspective of long-term thermal deformation centering devices, these will accelerate the elimination of uncompetitive small and medium-sized aluminum door and window enterprises. However, small and medium-sized enterprises must not wait to die. Under the market competition mechanism of the survival of the fittest and the current situation of the industry reshuffle arrow, small and medium-sized door and window enterprises need to find a good breakthrough method

4. Aluminum door and window enterprises should take advantage of the Internet

Internet is the air outlet. Now some young people are inseparable from the Internet, and people have become more and more dependent on the Internet. However, for some physical industries, such as the door and window industry, the impact of interconnection is not as terrible and subversive as imagined. Door and window enterprises only need to follow the trend, make good use of Internet resources, and understand that Internet is essentially a newly born tool. Those physical manufacturers and stores that pay attention to Internet brand communication undoubtedly occupy certain congenital advantages. It is said that shopping malls are like battlefields. If only some traditional marketing methods are used, compared with today's combined marketing methods of Internet and traditional media, such situations are like cold weapons versus hot weapons. Making good use of Internet resources can greatly reduce the cost and shorten the time cycle to achieve the goal

with the popularization of informatization and the strengthening of people's brand awareness, the attention of the brand will only be higher and higher. The successful establishment of the door and window brand will directly affect the layout and influence of the enterprise. With the rise of the Internet and the strong rise of mobile Internet, some door and window manufacturers have also noticed the convenience brought by the Internet. Compared with the exhibition, the price is relatively moderate and the operation is simple. Therefore, many flooring enterprises no longer rely solely on the effects brought by the exhibition and begin to transform at the same time. With the help of Internet publicity, the direct experience brought by the exhibition to users can not be replaced online, The way of Internet and convenient communication makes the brand publicity of enterprises more like a duck to water, which makes the brand effect dramatically enlarged. In the coming years, if the door and window enterprises do not realize the mode transformation and do not understand the combination of online and offline, it is difficult to say the way out

5. Small and medium-sized aluminum door and window enterprises should take advantage of cooperation

as an aluminum alloy door and window brand, whether small or large enterprises, in the Internet era, focusing on their own fields and learning to take advantage of cooperation is the key. Interconnection is an amplifier that can quickly integrate resources. Under the situation of huge product categories and information bombardment, brand communication is undoubtedly the top priority. However, there is an obvious gap between small enterprises and large enterprises. Large enterprises can invest in advertising on a large scale with their strong capital chain, without much consideration of advertising costs. However, some small and medium-sized enterprises, whether cultivating and setting up special teams or spending a lot of money on advertising, may lose more than gain

this society is no longer the era of "wine is not afraid of deep alleys". We should learn to find partners, effectively promote and maintain our brand image. For small and medium-sized door and window enterprises, every payment must be calculated carefully, so choosing high-quality third-party vertical resources has become the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. No matter how strong the brand promotion is, the support of long-term interests is still whether the product design and quality of the enterprise are excellent. As a door and window enterprise, it should be more so. In this era, we cannot ignore the brand promotion effect, but we must not put the cart before the horse. Entity enterprises should take doing well in each product as the foundation for long-term survival

while the times are changing, it is both a pain and an opportunity for door and window enterprises. Internet has changed the way people interact and live. It is based on the Internet ecosystem that a hundred flowers bloom. Under the differentiated and socialized needs of people, the door and window market needs small and medium-sized enterprises to provide differentiated and personalized products. If enterprises still have the naive idea that Internet destroys the real economy and dare not try the online and offline business model, it may be you who will be eliminated next

under the new economic normal, the stronger the aluminum door and window market, the stronger the "Matthew effect" is. The survival of the fittest in the market has continued to promote the industry reshuffle process. Nowadays, with the rise of post-80s and post-90s consumer groups, the tide of consumption upgrading has swept the whole industry with an irresistible trend. Under such a background, only by keeping pace with the times and grasping the trend can door and window enterprises gain a place. But what exactly should we do

each year, the direct and indirect economic losses caused by friction and wear are about 1% to 2% of the annual GDP. Attention should be paid to the brand construction of aluminum doors and windows.

2016 saw a slowdown in the growth of the aluminum doors and windows industry. Plagiarism led to intensified competition. Enterprises with low brand value and no core technology are being eliminated, and the new pattern is slowly taking shape; In 2017, the management, talents, technology and reputation of the aluminum alloy door and window industry will remain the core, and the importance of design, culture, quality, service and brand will become more prominent

seeking breakthroughs in the reform of aluminum doors and windows enterprises

nowadays, the aluminum doors and windows industry is full of variables, and the growth rate of the industry is slowing down. All enterprises actively explore new ways, and constantly change and upgrade; Promotion activities are frequent, competition is fierce, and the survival of the fittest is enhanced. Door and window enterprises need to improve their comprehensive strength, focus on design, construction, service and quality, and upgrade their marketing from products and services to digitalization and mobile interconnection

the systematization of channel construction has become a major trend in the aluminum door and window industry at present.

from opening a store to receiving customers, to entering the community, to group buying, to e-commerce o2o, the channels are richer and segmented; In an era of rapid change, in 2017, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises need to draw up a business model, straighten out business logic, do a good job in organizational structure and team operation, and then consider integrating these resources such as contacts, capital, Internet, media, technology and even equity for our own use

integrate the resources of the aluminum door and window industry to strengthen innovation

2017, "co construction platform" will become an important way to integrate the production capacity of door and window enterprises. All enterprises should cooperate with each other to reduce costs and jointly enhance competitiveness. At the same time, aluminum door and window enterprises should do a good job in "sharing", and outstanding people should selflessly share their own experience and wisdom to help other enterprises. Door and window enterprises also need to do a good job in "innovation", including product research and development, quality improvement, service process, refinement of management, "interconnection +" and other aspects

with the development of the times, a new generation of young consumer groups has risen. In 2017, which is full of challenges and opportunities, aluminum doors and windows need to have an insight into the market opportunities, so as to grasp the development opportunities, formulate appropriate development strategies, dare to change, and achieve strategic breakthrough in all aspects of innovation

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