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The Siemens "light of automation" special train arrived in Beijing

the Siemens light of automation special train arrived in Beijing

October 22, 2003

-- on October 19, 2003, the automatic light special train (English name exider), which won a lot of applause at the first three stops of the China tour, passed through Beijing Qinglongqiao railway station. Adhering to the commitment of Siemens Automation and drive group to promote the process of industrial automation in China, the messenger of innovation and technology of Siemens Group in Germany bloomed more scientific and technological inspiration at the foot of the great wall and received more widespread attention

--- on October 20, the special train with the world's leading automation scientific and technological achievements finally appeared in the China Railway Museum, welcoming the visits of many people from Chinese industry. During the two-day exhibition period, the fully humanized and all-round display mode made the magic train with 40000 products, systems and solutions become an international 1 for Chinese industrial automation experts to burst out scientific and technological inspiration and talk about the concept and construction of industrial automation First, consider the need to test the material tension range exchange platform

-- on October 22, the celebration ceremony of the light of Automation China trip to Beijing station was held in the China Railway Museum. Mr. oetsch, vice president of automation and drive group of Siemens headquarters in Germany, introduced the global business of Siemens Automation and its strategy for the Chinese market to the guests attending the ceremony. Siemens Automation and drive group is committed to the investment in the Chinese market and greater research and development efforts, so that the guests present had a deeper understanding of the driving force of the light of automation special train to China and the prospect of closer cooperation between Siemens Automation and China's basic industrial construction. At the same time, Mr. beiyinsi, President and CEO of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., also expressed to the guests the determination of Siemens Group to promote the comprehensive construction of Chinese Society for a long time, and reiterated its concern for the Chinese market. Mr. Schmidt, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of automation and drive department, presided over the ceremony on that day. Mr. Schmidt showed the guests the gratifying changes that the special train tour will bring to China's economic life. Siemens' forward-looking research and development achievements in the field of automation and the new concept of fully integrated automation have made Siemens a leading force in formulating the automation industry standards of the future industrial society. The innovative technology displayed on the light of automation represents the latest research and development achievements and implementation cases of Siemens in the field of automation. They will provide overall solutions for all walks of life in China's infrastructure through Siemens' nationwide sales and service network. The flowing and brand-new display form also fully reflects the service consciousness of Siemens Automation and drive group to actively approach customers and bring products to customers. Mr. Hu Yadong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Railways of China, who provided strong support for the special train in China, also expressed his best wishes for the complete success of the special train in China at the ceremony, reiterating the great significance of the construction of industrial automation and the use of foreign advanced technological resources to achieve the leapfrog development of the railway

--- the experts of China's industrial automation construction who attended the scene also included representatives from China Petrochemical Engineering Construction Corporation, China National Petroleum Engineering Construction Corporation, beiren group, capital iron and Steel Corporation, Guodian Power Development Corporation and other new force enterprises of China's industrial construction; They jointly witnessed the determination and belief of Chinese industry to rely on cutting-edge technology and strive to keep pace with international leading technology in today's increasingly frequent international cooperation

--- as the blue curtain slowly rises, the light of automation special train, which is full of the latest global automation technology, is displayed in front of people in the magnificent sound of music. The lights on both sides flashed one by one, and a magical avenue leading to the future automation technology ignited the vision of the future of every guest present. The celebration of Siemens' light of automation special train in Beijing station reached a climax. Then the commemorative seal with the words of Beijing was jointly printed by the leaders of the Ministry of Railways and Siemens on the commemorative album of the special train tour. The applause recorded this historic moment of the coordinated development of China's industrial automation and the world's leading technology. When Mr. Schmidt presented the light of automation train model to the China Academy of Railway Sciences and the China Railway Museum, the cooperation attitude of the two sides once again welcomed the warm cheers of the guests on site. It is believed that more cooperation in the future will take this as a new starting point and continue to bring more encouragement and applause to China's industrial construction

--- the protagonist of this tour, the light of automation special train, consisting of 14 cars, is 280 meters long and weighs 580 tons. It carries the most cutting-edge technology and all-round solutions of Siemens Automation and drive group in industrial automation, process instrumentation and analytical instruments, transmission, numerical control to low component integration, which greatly improves the piezoelectric and electrical installation technology. The train has won the approval and acclaim of European industry during its one-and-a-half-year trip to Europe, which began in March 2002. On October 10, 2003, it left Harbin. 1. The working principle of the impact test machine was sent. After going through Changchun and Shenyang, it came to the capital Beijing, and then it will go to Tianjin, Jinan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

--- the overwhelming visual shock, rich and detailed introduction, dynamic multimedia audio-visual demonstration, and zero distance contact completely highlight the high efficiency of automation in solving the practical problems of industrial systems. With the introduction of Siemens Automation technicians, visit 13 Deformation interface: deformation channel interface and experimental software can be equipped with various types of extensors according to user needs, so that people can have a deeper understanding of products, systems, solutions and professional technologies in different fields such as steel, machinery, metallurgy, food, beverage, packaging, automobile, petrochemical and so on. The concepts of fully integrated automation, fully integrated energy management, integrated security and e-commerce proposed and implemented by Siemens are unique in the industrial field, which fully demonstrates that it acts as a reliable partner in systems and plans at all levels of the value-added chain, and emphasizes a clear target user orientation. These concepts are fully explained in the displayed carriage

--- the sincere invitation to 16 cities in China, traveling 11600 kilometers continuously and receiving more than 20000 people from Chinese industry, the train shows us not only the latest and most forward-looking industrial automation technology and comprehensive solutions of Siemens Automation and drive group, but also Siemens' long-term commitment to China's economic and industrial construction

--- today, when China's industrial economy pays more attention to cutting-edge science and technology, the leading quality and unremitting pursuit of this science and technology messenger will definitely inspire Chinese industry and create the future application concept of China's industrial construction

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