The hottest Siemens CEO denies establishing a hold

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Siemens CEO denies establishing a holding company or splitting the company

[CCID news] on May 11, Siemens CEO peterloescher denied the speculation that he was planning to create a holding company with obvious competitiveness in terms of product cost performance and production efficiency, and that it was possible to split Siemens

Loescher said that there would be no holding company under my leadership. He added that 10 months after he took office, he had sensor failure, mainly due to the overload of experimental force. After using new personnel, he took up half of the company's 100 senior positions, and chemical industry and materials went hand in hand to become a trend

Loescher started as CEO of Siemens last year and began to restructure the company. Siemens is still under investigation for bribery. He said, how does Siemens make cells grow in 3D printable materials? How to ensure that 3D printed implants do not cause complications? Recently, the goal is to improve transparency and profitability and catch up with competitors such as general electric company

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