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Siemens came to Urumqi to inspect water treatment. Editor's remark: "we very much welcome large companies like Siemens to participate in the urban construction projects of Urumqi and bring advanced concepts and technologies to the urban development of Urumqi." On February 24, Li Hongbin, deputy mayor of Urumqi, met with an Herui, director of Water Treatment Technology Department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and his delegation in Hongshan Hotel

on February 24, an Herui, director of Water Treatment Technology Department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., and a delegation of five people came to Urumqi to investigate energy conservation and emission reduction projects. It is understood that the water treatment technology department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. is the business department of Siemens' industrial business field, specializing in water treatment, wastewater treatment, water plant water equipment and sewage treatment projects

Vice Mayor Li Hongbin introduced the development of Urumqi city and water affairs. Li Hongbin said that compared with other cities, Urumqi is a city with relatively short water resources. With the development of the city and the increase of population, now the first problem is the cost. Now the universal experimental machine problem. Sewage treatment has become a small panel control system faced by manufacturers in Urumqi. There are still many commendable places and a major problem in terms of skills. At present, there are 15 water plants for urban water supply in Urumqi, of which the daily water consumption in the main urban area reaches 800000 cubic meters and the discharge reaches 600000 cubic meters. At present, there are five sewage treatment plants in Urumqi, and another four sewage treatment plants are under construction with a given elastic deformation. In 2009, Urumqi can basically carry out sewage treatment in accordance with national standards

Li Hongbin said: "at present, Urumqi has also carried out some projects of reclaimed water reuse, but in general, the reclaimed water reuse in the capital is still at a shallow level. Therefore, we very much welcome large companies such as Siemens to visit Urumqi and participate in the competition of urban construction projects in Urumqi, bringing some deep-seated sewage treatment experience, so that Urumqi has a big improvement in water treatment."

an Herui said, "Siemens has always had extensive cooperation with China, especially in water treatment. At present, we have relatively good experience in Beijing and Tianjin. We hope to form a long-term cooperative relationship with Urumqi through this visit, and contribute to the creation of a resource-saving society and an environment-friendly city in Urumqi."

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