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Cool polymers, located in North Kingston, Rhode Island in the west of the United States, focuses on manufacturing thermal and conductive materials. It participated in the "KNX home and building control technology and application" Summit Forum. On October 14, 2010, KNX China user organization committee held the first KNX home and building to track and learn the mind control technology and application Summit Forum of Olympic athletes in Beijing Capital Hotel. The theme of this forum is to create a green Comfortable and energy-saving modern urban life. Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. industrial business area building technology group's participation in the research of plastics, rubber and urban exterior wall coating needs to be further strengthened. This forum was added

knx is an open international standard in the field of home and building control, with more than 20 years of market application experience. In addition to successful cases in various large public buildings, commercial buildings, office buildings, apartments and villas, it has also made outstanding contributions to green buildings and energy efficiency

more than 200 representatives from many KNX international and domestic partners attended the meeting, including manufacturers, system integrators, developers, end users, etc. The forum adopts the form of presentation and representative interaction, and products and pictures are displayed in the forum. This forum is a high-level technology exchange event for both speakers and invited listeners. The one-day meeting achieved the expected results and promoted the application of KNX in smart homes and buildings

at this forum, Mr. Zha Pengzhan, Department Manager of low voltage products division of Siemens Building Technology Group, represented Siemens and knx4 Press the "start" button, and the lifting pendulum Association summarized the work of KNX Association for more than a year. Ms. Ye Minli, the product manager from the control products and systems division of Siemens Building Technology Group, introduced the standardized organization document structure of KNX and the future development trend of KNX to the delegates on behalf of KNX Association; Mr. Li Yunwei, the product manager, introduced Siemens' KNX based product series in detail with the title of the application of Siemens' KNX products and systems in buildings and homes, and introduced the application of synco700 and gamma products in combination with office cases. It was the only overall solution with the title of HVAC, lighting, sunshade and energy management in this meeting, which attracted great interest and attention of the participants

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