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Siemens Automation Innovation journey is about to begin

the Siemens Automation Innovation journey jointly organized by the high-end product group and the low-end product group of Siemens Automation System Department will begin in five regions of the country in December 2006. At that time, the new products of Siemens Factory Automation family will be unveiled one by one. While delivering the latest Siemens technology to the market, we will also strive to strengthen the communication and interaction between Siemens and product users, so as to promote the dissemination and promotion of Siemens automation products. This trip will take one and a half months to replace dyes in five regions across the country, focusing on system integrators, design institutes, distributors, and end users

on December 12, 2006, the "infinite innovation, leading the high-end" series SIMATIC high-end automation product promotion conference hosted by the high-end product group of Siemens Automation System Department will take the lead in the country. At that time, Siemens' high-end product group will focus on a series of new products, including CPU with s integrated PROFINET interface, V6.2 of WinCC software ------ Professor Xu Zhongbin/doctoral tutor version of Zhejiang University, PROFINET network technology, et200m high-performance interface technology, and more compact et200s8 point input and output module

on December 15, the Siemens automation product promotion conference "continuous innovation and perfect presentation" hosted by Siemens' low-end product group will also be held in five regions across the country. A series of new products, including scn64 point high-density input and output module, the fastest cpu319 of SIMATIC family and the new generation text display td400c of touch screen family, will be displayed to customers at the promotion meeting. At the same time, customers will also have the opportunity to experience more Siemens products and solutions, including logo! 0ba5 enhanced functions and applications, as well as simatict-cpu -- cpu31xt-2dp specially used for motion control, etc

this Siemens Automation Innovation trip will not only focus on the latest development of Siemens Factory automation products, but also demonstrate the latest equipment of Siemens Automation and carry out project exchanges for specific user groups. At the same time, a lucky draw with rich prizes was also set up before the end of each promotion meeting. The prizes of the high-end group included Siemens cordless and OSRAM energy-saving table lamps, and the prizes of the low-end group included 80g mobile hard disk

this Siemens Automation Innovation trip, jointly organized by the high-end product group and the low-end product group of Siemens Automation System Department, aims to better display the latest technology and more powerful products of Siemens Automation System Department, and provide users with an opportunity to experience Siemens' innovative technology. By changing the speed of Electromechanical, Siemens will continue to innovate while strengthening the communication and exchange between enterprises and users, The enterprise concept of pursuing excellence brings to the majority of users

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