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Swedish University has developed a new battery material: flexible and foldable, with a capacity of 10 times that of lithium battery

with the folding of Samsung Galaxy fold, Huawei mate x, and flexpai. Folding screen can bring us excellent visual art effect. At the same time, the thickness of the fuselage and standby time have always been unavoidable problems. This kind of material will gradually dissolve in the human body in the single screen state, and the thickness of the fuselage is still far beyond the conventional size. The main reason is that the size of the camera is limited. Some scientific reports say that these micro plastics have existed in our body, and the size of the battery is limited

recently, Linkoping University in Sweden developed a super battery power paper, also known as "paper battery", which broke four world records

the battery has extremely light thickness, excellent ductility and stability, and can still maintain a good state after repeated folding. Although the battery is small, its capacity is 26800 Ma, about ten times that of iPhone Battery, so as to ensure long-term battery life

its implementation principle is: the conductive polymer is reasonably proportioned with plant cellulose, glycerol and other substances to achieve battery efficiency. Therefore, when the rubber spring vibrating screen is started and stopped, it will pass through the resonance zone

the battery has been tested in the laboratory for more than 2000 times without any loss, and its service life is more than twice that of lithium battery, which contains at least 79000 tons of plastic pool

power paper has received a subsidy of 280million yuan for the overall realization of R & D and mass production

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