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Swing bending brings new experience

at present, swing bending process is becoming the best method for processing sheet parts with edge forming requirements. This process can meet many needs, such as various requirements of groove production process and the requirements put forward by users alone

hundreds of die bending machines will be installed every year. Compared with them, swing bending is a groove processing process. First of all, the sheet parts are stretched to form at their edges, which are mainly used in the production of door panels, decorative panels, cover plates, cabinets and box parts. In addition, in the field of handicraft industry, swing bending machine tools can also be used by almost all plumbers and most draughtsmen. Because it can be applied in many fields, manufacturers and users must actively seek optimized application ideas. If we want to divide various swing bending models, we must understand the basic principle and important influence parameters of this process. Commonly used parameters include the working length and maximum machining thickness of the machine tool. Many users will choose the machine tool based on the above two data. However, setting these two parameters correctly is only the beginning. If we want to improve the accuracy, we also need to optimize the attributes such as service life and accuracy requirements. Therefore, those entrusted manufacturers who expect to use this machine tool for three shift production should make more careful choices than factories that only produce a few hours a day. For example, if a machine tool with a processing capacity of 1.5 mm thickness can meet other requirements, the requirements of lamp manufacturers for machine tools are much higher than those of air duct workers. Reinhart company (hereinafter referred to as Ras company) located in Sindelfingen has long stopped developing machine tools according to the thickness of plates but according to the market demand. The turbobend series machine tools of Ras company can meet all the requirements put forward by sheet metal workers and plumbers, especially for the roof industry and wallboard industry. The NC program of the machine tool can use different graphics to display the plate parts. The operator only needs to set the parameters according to the sketch of the parts, and the machine tool can automatically determine the sequence, angle and weight of the stop of the bending process. After that, the bending program can be put into use. If users change from plumbers to factory floor manufacturers, they can also find similar application templates. As long as the span for clamping plates is large enough, the machine tool can process plates up to 6 meters long. In this case, the machine tool can realize the automatic loading and unloading of plates. Using the traditional lengthening bending machine can only process in one direction, and it must also rotate and change the direction of the plate, which is time-consuming and laborious. Ras company has also developed a corresponding solution for this demand - XXL series machining center. Its bending capacity reaches 4 to 6 meters, which can meet the length requirements. In terms of thickness, the processing capacity of 1.5mm also greatly exceeds the range required by users. The intellectualization of this machining center is also reflected in two other aspects. In order to load plates, the worktable must extend out of the machine. The operator only needs to place the plate on the worktable or along the worktable. XXL machining center can automatically center the plates placed on the support. The support on the machine tool can support and position the plate. Because the machine tool can move up and down to complete the bending action, the cutting edge does not need to rotate too much

industrial machine tools must have larger bending thickness and better process layout scheme. Therefore, turbobend 4, tension machine maintenance can be used as an experimental project. Plus series machine tools came into being. Relying on the processing capacity of 2mm thickness, kostron's excellent Makrolon, makamoto LAN and other products are also widely used in battery packs and charging equipment of electric vehicles to meet the flexibility needs of handicraft and industrial mass manufacturers. Turbobend machining center has therefore become the first choice for processing fixed product types. If you need to organize the production of different products at one station, you can use highly flexible machine tools

increasing the processing wall thickness has become a trend

not long ago, machine tools with a processing thickness of 3 mm or even 6 mm have also been put into use. Flexibend and gigabend series machine tools are equipped with separable tools on each mold to facilitate the processing of complex parts such as boxes. Multiple sets of tools can be arranged along the working length of the machine tool. The bending process can be completed step by step without taking the workpiece out of the mold. In the whole bending process, the plate is positioned by the height limiter and the rear stop system. The weight of the plate is supported by the intelligent worktable, and the positioning pin of the stop system realizes accurate positioning in each bending process. With the help of J-shaped or U-shaped stop system, only one operator can easily process large and heavy plates. Unlike the stamping bending process, the swing bending machine can drive each die to the required angle. The machine tool can automatically adjust according to the condition of the plate. Therefore, equipped with a set of cutting tools and a bending machine with a processing capacity of 6mm, it can flexibly process 1mm aluminum plate, 4mm stainless steel plate or 6mm steel plate. Since each group of cutters has been fixed on the upper die, lower die and bending die according to the standard interface structure, the plate can be bent according to the needs of users. The additional free space of a single tool group can also be used to process the workpiece. The wizard program on the screen can show which tool group should complete the corresponding machining steps. The operator only needs to insert the tool into the support of the upper die and bending die, and then the support will automatically clamp the tool. By changing the tool and the corresponding Wizard program, the swing bending machine used for mass production can be transformed to meet the needs of small batch, single piece or sample production

automatic operation: the highest level configuration is equipped with two industrial robots,

which can improve the flexibility of multibencenter series bending machining centers

fingers can be used as drawing pens

so many comfort needs require the use of efficient and user-friendly numerical control programs. The "biegefabrik" series processing software is used for touch and related graphic control programs. Through this software, the operator can use his finger as a drawing pen, and only need to determine the length and angle to obtain the waist length of the corresponding bending triangle, which represents the shape of the plate after bending. For visual display, the position of the tool and machine tool will also be given on the screen. The graphic tepex material can also be used to play a role of local reinforcement for scaling or the synchronization technology of the oil cylinder also costs money. Dragging can help users more clearly view the details of bending processing. The simulator attached to the program can show the bending sequence and show the operator step by step how the plate parts are bent. The control system of the machine tool will pay close attention to bending shortening and material springback. In addition, the compensation amount used for NC programming can also be displayed. Using a small software, the PC on the machine tool can read DXF format drawing files

on the traditional bending machine, once the bending direction is changed, the operator must manually change the plate. Using the updownbend function can get rid of such constraints. This function enables the machine tool to bend the plates up and down freely, and automatically change the direction after the completion of the whole bending process. The stopper system named teleskop can be adjusted according to the actual situation of different bending processing to achieve the best effect. If you process small plates, the table top of the machine tool will shrink. If large plates are processed, the folding table of the machine tool will expand. Using updownbend and a separable angle chisel tool with a height of 204 mm, a steel plate with a thickness of 4 mm and a length of 3200 mm can be processed. Tools with a height of less than 300 mm can be used. The tool holder with a maximum length of 150 mm and the tool magazine arranged next to it make the whole tool change process simple and fast. The control system of the machine tool will automatically generate the bending program. If the automatic program cannot meet the requirements of bending, the bending machining center can be used

the processing length of the multibencenter series bending machining center is 2160mm or 2560mm, the maximum processing thickness of the steel plate is 2.5mm, and the maximum thickness of the tool is 203mm. It can be used for flexible plate bending processing. Its advantages include: high dynamic performance servo motor, fast tool change system, scratch free bending process, innovative material flow components and flexible and mobile tools. The manipulator will complete the positioning and rotation of the plate, and the tool change system can automatically work together with the tool holder. At the beginning, operators need to clamp manually; After that, the processing center will be closely connected with the elevated warehouse. A robot can complete loading, that is, take out half of the processed plates and stack them neatly. The whole process will not incur high costs. An interface is set between the coordinates of the machining center and the plate warehouse, through which the control system of the handling robot can obtain the thickness and quantity of plates in the warehouse, and then calculate the running path by itself. Therefore, partners can fully master it without long-term training. The situation of loading and unloading robot is the same. (end)

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