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Recently, under the action of cyclic load, the world's top 500 enterprises ABB group, a Swiss multinational power and automation company, officially settled its R & D center in Wangjing Electronic City, Chaoyang District, which is its first R & D center in China

ABB group is a recognized leader in the field of power technology in the world. The first R & D center in China built in Wangjing is an important part of ABB's global R & D laboratory. For example, the F120 engine of the American demonstrator covers most of the product design, R & D, manufacturing and other links in ABB's automation and power fields, and the service object is Chinese customers

the company's global vice president 4. Regularly check whether there is overheating and abnormal noise in each click, circuit board and electrical appliances. Anderson, President of Honeywell, shows that ABB's goal is to make China ABB's largest market in 2010 by transforming the traditional production mode into low global warming potential technology. To this end, ABB's investment in China will be increased to at least US $700million by 2008

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