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Sweet belongs to you, mechanic Suning Valentine's Day party welfare

original title: Sweet belongs to you, mechanic Suning Valentine's Day party welfare

the annual Valentine's Day is coming, and it's the circle of friends show transfer, gift drying, dog food scattering competition. On Valentine's day, when the air is full of sweetness, in addition to full marks for love talk skills, choosing gifts is also quite popular. Class 1 biomaterials used in the industry are polymer hydrogels. How to choose a gift that suits each other and suits their hearts is a science. I believe that friends with different hobbies will have different answers, and game lovers may choose to give each other game equipment and play games at home together to respond to the call of the country

sweet limit, warm heart welfare

different from previous years, this Valentine's Day is a little special this year, and the word "home" has become a keyword, so it is not so convenient for lovers in different places to meet. Through the game group CP, we have become the main way for E-sports Xiaonian to ask our customers to choose light expression of love. Machenike mechanic Suning flagship store opened Valentine's Day activities to help players win Valentine's Day gifts at a more affordable price. During the event, you can use a 600 yuan shop coupon if you buy a machine for more than 4980 yuan. Not only that, you can also get a professional E-sports suit, including a professional E-sports mouse and a graffiti mouse pad. A Xunyou accelerator card and a cloud diamond worth 30 yuan will be presented as a gift for drying the list. You can participate in the mechanic's limited U-disk lottery every day. In order to allow players to buy machines without worry, the machinist also introduced a 30 day refund policy and a 180 day replacement without repair policy. Collection Plus purchase also enjoys the privilege of priority delivery. Purchase on the same day and deliver it the next day. Come and choose your Valentine's Day gifts

the full screen battleship makes the game more enjoyable

this powerful fighter is a good choice for gifts. Machenike machinist's full screen metal battleship f117-b hunting air, with a huge panoramic micro frame, makes the player's game experience feel smoother. The design with 85% screen accounting for 15.6 inches and 6.4mm large screen micro edge presents the visual impact of small frame and large screen. The mechanic f117-b hunting air adopts the ninth generation IH processor, which can provide strong internal core support to meet the configuration requirements of most mainstream games. At the same time, it also adopts gtx1650 graphics card, which shows its powerful performance. Plus 512g solid state, the sequential reading speed can reach about 2000mb/s, about 4 times that of ordinary m.2 solid state. Loading large-scale games is also stable and pressure free. The strong performance makes it easy for you to play in the battlefield, and your heart is not as good as action, so hurry to rush to buy in the process of debugging the electronic tensile testing machine

super running keyboard, open black as much as possible

for the student party with relatively insufficient budget, the machenike mechanic K7 mechanical keyboard is a good choice for gifts. The design of this keyboard is inspired by the super race car. With the cool RGB super race car lights, the whole keyboard is fashionable and has a sense of speed. The wireless Bluetooth dual-mode meets the user's multi scene application needs for the keyboard. It can be paired with three devices at the same time. The keys and wires are separated. The Bluetooth diameter is 10 meters without wires. The mechanical keyboard on top can only stay indoors. The mechanic K7 mechanical keyboard has RGB super running lights, about 16.8 million color backlights and 19 kinds of dynamic effects. The cool light sense can instantly and firmly lock the eyes, making the player the focus of attention. The machinist also strives for perfection in the research and development of K7 keyboard. The hand feel of the customized axis is comparable to that of cherry axis, and the trigger point and reset point are optimized. There are four options: Black axis, tea axis, red axis and green axis, which provide a more diversified weapon for E-sports players. The strong assists with high performance and high appearance can help players enjoy the fun of control during the game, and the experience is more smooth and refreshing

the Valentine's Day activity of machenike mechanic Suning flagship store has been started. Friends who want to buy game equipment and give gifts should always pay attention to it! There are also super super coupons to assist, so that you can buy machines happily without pressure. Whether you are giving gifts or using them yourself, now is a good time to start. With the blessing of powerful game equipment, you can easily win the heart of the goddess, and enjoy the pleasure of galloping the battlefield with the characteristics of stable and reliable performance

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