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Sboren won the 2016 volte and volt Innovation Award

sprint's beehd was recognized for providing first mover advantage to application developers, device manufacturers and chip suppliers in the $200billion volte market

sprint Communications PLC (lse:spt), the leader in the field of volte and vilte developer solutions, today announced that the company won the 2016 global volte and vilte client development for mobile devices New Product Innovation Award presented by frost Sullivan

the award of the market research company was awarded to the beehd volte and vilte framework of sibron, which is considered to be the best client development architecture solution for developers, device manufacturers and chip suppliers. The software is used to create volte and vilte applications more quickly and in a more cost-effective way

Pierre hagendorf, general manager of Sibo application Shilun connection and technology management division, said: the structure of frost rocker hammer impact tester is shown in Figure 1. Sullivan uses the 10 point system to customize the decision support scorecard to objectively analyze and evaluate the performance of volte and vilte solutions competing for the Innovation Award. Sboren's beehd framework scored 9.7 points in the rating scale with the highest score of 10, 67% higher than the nearest competitive product, demonstrating our leading position in this field

in the next four years, volte and vilte services are expected to grow more than 10 times, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 70%. According to SNS research, by 2020, the volte market will generate an annual revenue of $200billion, and the voice and video calls through the global network will reach 4.4 trillion minutes

entering this fast-growing market also poses major challenges, which mobile device manufacturers must give priority to. It may take up to 12 months and a huge amount of internal development to build volte and vilte application clients and obtain the certification of devices from network operators. With the help of sbehd, equipment manufacturers will reduce the time to market by at least 50% and the development cost by as much as 70%

sboren's beehd volt/volt and RCS communication client framework helps application developers, device manufacturers and chip suppliers add IMS compatible voice, video and rich communication functions to products, such as tablets, desktops, notebooks, smartphones and any LTE mobile devices. The company is equipped with standard and reliable off the shelf software development kit with volte and vilte functions, which does not need to develop standard based signals, media and security in-house, nor does it need developers to be familiar with the implementation of multiple standards and different operating system applications. Relevant industry detection standards are also constantly optimizing program interfaces (APIs) to meet the needs of the development of the period

frost Sullivan's benchmark scorecard shows that beehd framework provides the highest flexibility and can meet the volte and vilte requirements of mobile network operators (MNOS). The modular structure of the SBR software development kit to ensure the normal operation of experiments allows developers to easily mix and match client functions, and provides them with richer client options as part of the product blueprint. It can automatically detect hardware based codecs, and voice and video quality algorithms provide excellent voice and video user experience, as well as other functions such as instant messaging

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