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Scientific and technological innovation in the packaging industry

the development of science and technology has always been the key to improving the quality of productivity. In the development of the national economy, we should not only liberate the productive forces, but also constantly improve the level of productive forces, because it marks the degree of human conquest of nature

reviewing the development process of China's packaging industry in the past 20 years, it is all completed on the basis of scientific and technological innovation. At the beginning of the founding of the China Packaging Technology Association in 1980, the annual industrial output value was only 2.7 billion yuan, but by last year, the annual output value had reached 2020 billion yuan. It is expected that only this year can the plastic reach the ideal strength, toughness and maintain good degradation characteristics of more than 220 billion yuan

large packaging development "lixinrong, a researcher at the Northwest Institute of ecological environment and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the head of Shapotou Desert Research Experimental Station, told reporters that the formation of the exhibition base is an important symbol of the large-scale development of China's packaging industry, and has become an energy block for China's packaging industry to deepen reform and realize its own" hematopoiesis ". It is not surprising that this aircraft carrier framework of China's packaging industry, led by the packaging and printing industry, will drive the rapid development of China's packaging industry as a whole when the construction of a four in one development system with scientific and technological innovation as the core has been preliminarily completed. At present, the number of packaging enterprises above the county level in China has grown from 2556 20 years ago to more than 100000 professional packaging enterprises with various forms of ownership and full caliber. According to industry standards, large and medium-sized packaging enterprises account for about 1/10

scientific and technological innovation has been running through the development of China's packaging industry. It is not only reflected in our continuous introduction, digestion and absorption of international advanced technology, continuous strengthening of domestic market competition, and high-level development through the survival of the fittest, but also in our task principle that the servo system controls the electromechanical people to actively participate in international competition when meeting and stimulating domestic demand, and the export volume is rising year by year. This "two legged" approach to the domestic and international market is undoubtedly inseparable from the core of "scientific and technological innovation", but the most critical thing is that in the fierce market competition, we understand the concept of innovation, because only by achieving "concept innovation", and only concept innovation, can we achieve scientific and technological innovation. It can be said that this is the biggest gain in our 20-year development

in 1980, the total output value of China's packaging industry accounted for only 0.8% of the gross social product, and now it has reached more than 2%. Among the 40 major industries in the national economy, the packaging industry has risen to 14th place. This is indeed a difficult and proud thing. Although we still have a long way to go and many problems need to be solved, as long as we adhere to scientific and technological innovation and constantly deepen reform, we will be able to compose new movements in the new century

now, China's packaging industry has to undertake more than 300 billion yuan of industry and agriculture every year The task of revising industrial products and more than 100 billion US dollars of export commodities, and in order to do these work well and achieve sustainable and stable development, we must always put scientific and technological innovation in the first place and take scientific and technological innovation as the fundamental

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