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Post press technological innovation has become a feature of today's printing and packaging industry.

when the pre press and printing of printing (packaging printing) use computer technology, new equipment to complete the upgrading of production factors, and the production efficiency of product quality is rapidly improved, the backward technology of post press processing as surface finishing and bonding molding can no longer adapt to the changes and requirements of printing technology and printing materials, which restricts the overall development of printing. The manufacturing and supply of printing machinery and equipment that have not kept up with the development of the times have correspondingly lost their original market. The view of post press technological innovation has become a hot spot in the market, and rapidly formed the connotation and commercial behavior of industrial structure and product structure adjustment. In the post press processing fields of surface finishing, such as film covering, glazing, bronzing, adhesive binding and box pasting, the whole Party has carried out

the film covering process has been improved from instant gluing wet composite process to pre coating dry composite process. In recent two years, the wet compounding process of latex (water-based adhesive) has been introduced. B. whether clamping is reliable? The situation that various production forms coexist, such as film dry composite process, solvent type namely gluing wet composite process, lotion (water-based glue) namely gluing wet composite process. It has driven the development of a wide range of materials such as solvent-free melting hot melt adhesive precoating film, solvent softening coating quasi-1 Dan temperature too high precoating film, film coating hot melt adhesive, solvent softening coating approved film, film coating hot melt adhesive, solvent coating adhesive, lotion (water-based) coating adhesive, and LCD simple dry laminating machine (electronic laminating machine), hydraulic infrared double chamber oil temperature high-efficiency laminating machine, non heated water-based adhesive laminating machine Manufacturing of machines with various structures, performances and prices, such as dry and wet laminating machines. At the same time, a new sales group based on a certain technology and the measurement principle of shore hardness tester is formed, or a variety of technologies are compatible

glazing has been rapidly adopted to reduce the cost of surface finishing and no "white pollution" of composite film. Glazing paint not only has UV type, water-based and other composition differences, but also has bright, matte, metallic light, etc. there are also diversified glazing methods of overall glazing and local glazing, and it is developing towards the construction of printing machines

bonding and molding processing, such as binding and box pasting, will gradually realize mechanization and automation. New production technology requires new materials. It not only pursues fast and good initial adhesion effect, but also requires long-term and firm later. The diversification of binding hot melt adhesive and box making adhesive gives users more choices

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