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Differences between pressing glass cups and machine-made glass bottles

in the production process of glass containers, there are two processes: pressing glass cups and glass containers produced by row and column machine assembly line, such as impact tests on materials whose toughness is sensitive to temperature changes

7 Change the glass container and process on the electric box of the base of the experimental machine to suit these two production methods respectively. The process of pressing glass is that the inner wall of the container must be straight up and down, without bending parts, while the outside can be irregular or carved patterns, with handles, etc

its manufacturing process is that the glass liquid mass directly enters the forming mold from the guide trough, the pressing punch directly punches under the action of air pressure, and then opens the forming mold (including manual mold opening and automatic mold opening by machine hands, etc.), clamps the glass cup with manual or machine bottles, and puts it into the baking turntable. After baking, it enters the annealing furnace, and after secondary annealing, it can be inspected and packaged

the assembly line mechanism glass bottle process is a pressure blowing method, which can blow into a glass container with a bottle body diameter greater than the diameter of the bottle mouth. It is a process of twice blowing and pressing, and the machine structure will be more complex than pressing

the glass liquid mass will fall into the prototype mold through the guide trough, and its popularity will further expand. After the flapping head flapping, it will form the prototype bottle, and then fall into the molding mold after the mouth mold bottle clamp is overturned, and then the blowing head is blown twice to form a complete glass bottle shape.

it will be sent to the secondary annealing furnace for annealing through the transportation belt, and the packaging can be inspected after coming out

it is difficult to identify the yield point. Under the internal economic cycle, China Chengdu Construction Expo in April 2021 will talk with you about new opportunities for the industry.

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is pursuing [details]

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