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The development of textile machinery enterprises focuses on technological innovation

technological innovation is market-oriented, attaches great importance to the important role of technological change in economic change, and then obtains market competitive advantage

technological innovation has been paid attention to all over the world. The prominent feature of the U.S. national innovation system is to do everything possible to make enterprises become the main body of technological innovation and industrialization. Japanese large and medium-sized enterprises regard independent innovation ability as the lifeline, and the enterprises have huge scientific researchers (accounting for 70% of the total number of scientific researchers in Japan) to serve the development of new products; Finland emphasizes the funding mechanism of the combination of production, study and research. Enterprises that have cooperation projects with universities and research institutions account for about 50% of the total number of enterprises. The national R & D investment accounts for 3.5% of GDP, which is one of the best in the world. South Korea has been able to rise in the past 20 years thanks to its strategy of vigorously cultivating and enhancing the independent innovation ability of enterprises, and its R & D investment accounts for more than 3% of GDP

after decades of development, the labor cost advantage of China's textile and clothing market is disappearing, and the competition among enterprises is becoming more complex and changeable. If an enterprise wants to survive in the market competition, it must constantly improve its competitiveness, and innovation is the core competitiveness of the enterprise and an important decisive factor. Because in enterprises, talents are mobile, technology will be broken through sooner or later, resources can be shared, and funds are limited. Only the competitiveness formed by innovation is unique and lasting, and it is the source for enterprises to maintain sustainable development. Then a more serious problem comes.

in order to realize technological innovation, China's textile and clothing industry must adopt new knowledge, new processes, new technologies, new production methods and business models, occupy the market and realize market value through improving quality, innovating products and services, so as to realize enterprise interests. China is a big textile country, especially China's textile machinery manufacturing enterprises. In the development of decades, taking enterprises as a unit, they are exploring and have explored the role and significance of technological innovation in industrial development, and have achieved some exciting results

as far as the textile machinery industry is concerned, technological progress is mainly manifested in the direction of short process, continuity, automation, high quality and high speed, and presents a new development trend of intelligence, networking, generalization, compounding and greening. This makes the information exchange more direct, the equipment operation more convenient, and the product quality more guaranteed

independent research and development plays a leading role

in the process of scientific and technological innovation, the digestion and absorption of introduced technology once became the main mode of the development of China's textile and clothing industry. Now, China's textile industry, which has greatly improved its comprehensive national strength, has continuously improved its own technical strength, and the technical level of the industry is rising day by day. Independent research and development has become a reality. New technologies have many advantages and new modes that are intuitive and convenient to create and install, and patented technologies are emerging in endlessly, Enterprises have also won considerable economic and social benefits in innovation activities

Hengtian Group, one of the largest textile groups in China, has formulated the "science and technology reward measures" especially within the group. As early as 2002, the science and technology award was established, and 1million yuan was allocated each year to reward outstanding projects in scientific and Technological Development and outstanding individuals who made contributions to technological development. Therefore, the group's new products continue to emerge, and the sales revenue of new products accounts for 44% of the main business revenue of textile machinery. Over the past few years, the advanced research and development mechanism has enabled Hengtian to create a large number of national brands with independent intellectual property rights, and obtained 189 national patents, including 22 invention patents, ranking 39th among central enterprises

Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. set up a technology development center to be responsible for basic application research and long-term product development. In product development, on the one hand, we should adhere to independent innovation and master core technology; on the other hand, we should improve the technical level and shorten the product development cycle through the combination of industry, University and research. In particular, after the successful development of the 150 ton/day polyester staple fiber post-processing machine, it filled the domestic gap. Six lines were sold within one year of the launch of the product, and it was also exported to India. The sales revenue of the enterprise was 130 million yuan, the foreign exchange of the country was 32 million dollars, and the investment of users was 200 million yuan, realizing a win-win situation with customers

in recent years, the company's annual contribution rate of new products has been 50%. 4. Regularly check the screws at the jaw. Technological innovation has effectively supported the development requirements of the enterprise. Taking 2006 as an example, the company's sales revenue reached 2billion yuan, an increase of 10% year-on-year. More than half of the revenue came from the sales of more than 100 new products

Hengli Group has independently developed three series of water jet looms of more than ten sub categories, breaking the long-term monopoly of water jet looms by countries and regions such as Japan and Europe. At present, many textile enterprises, including India, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries, have gone to BMW Group to transform the entire Mini vehicle, asking for cooperation with Hengli, and EnMei of Thailand also negotiated to purchase the water jet looms independently developed by Hengli

intellectualization, networking and digitalization provide quality assurance

with the continuous birth of optical, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and other new technological achievements, these new technologies have also been introduced into the textile machinery processing and manufacturing industry, so that the new modern textile machinery has intelligent control functions, such as the detection, display, automatic control and automatic adjustment of various process parameters and operating states in the textile production process, automatic troubleshooting, etc

Shaanxi Changling textile and Electric Co., Ltd. has made fruitful achievements in vigorously promoting informatization and promoting industrialization with informatization, and has maintained a growth rate of 5% higher than the average growth rate of the same industry for many years. In terms of technology development, Changling Textile & Electric Co., Ltd. takes the development and application of high and new technology as the guide, highlights the characteristics of innovative technology, widely uses microcomputer technology, and integrates machine, electricity, light, gas and computer information processing technology, thus winning the market opportunity

the new single spindle digital yarn cleaning system with automatic correction ability developed by the company is a new generation of high-performance electronic yarn cleaning equipment integrating electronic yarn cleaning, automatic monitoring and measurement. The whole system has strong automatic control ability, various practical functions and broad function expansion space. It is one of the most advanced systems in yarn cleaning equipment at present, and it has achieved the purpose of guiding the market

according to statistics, the annual sales of new products of Changling textile Power Co., Ltd. have reached more than 65% of the total sales. These new products have not only achieved good economic and social benefits for the enterprise, but also expanded the source of profits of the company. At the same time, they have received financial support from the national enterprise technological progress and industrial upgrading project, the electronic enterprise development and innovation fund project, the national torch plan project, and the provincial electronic development fund project, The technical improvement of the company has also received strong financial support

in terms of digitalization, taking the printing and dyeing machine as an example, with the rapid development of electrical automation technology, the previous mechanical structure has been gradually replaced by the electrical control system, the mechanical structure is more simplified, the failure rate is reduced, the control accuracy is improved, and the leap in the production and quality of printing and dyeing machinery is realized. The design adopts CAD software, the drawings and documents adopt PDM system, the process adopts CAPP, the virtual manufacturing CAE test is adopted before production, the production adopts cam, and the enterprise management adopts ERP system, which significantly improves the production efficiency

in order to promote technological innovation and speed up the development of modern textile machinery, the technology center of the group cooperates with Donghua University to set up a cad/cae laboratory, an electronic control laboratory, and a cotton spinning process experimental base. It uses advanced electronic power drive technology, industrial network technology, and computer virtual prototype technology to develop and research a new generation of products, forming a new pattern of transforming traditional industries with advanced technology. At the same time, three-axis and five axis machining centers, CNC machines and flexible cutting production lines with international advanced level are introduced to achieve the goal of producing digital textile machines

In the aspect of networking, the maturity and application of industrial networking technology have made a qualitative leap in control technology. In terms of textile machinery equipment, popular trends include host computers, auxiliary machines and corresponding software systems with networking functions

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